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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 292

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Chapter 292

Be acknowledged as a lady of the Winningtons?

It was too late.

Diana had long since stopped caring about this matter. She was only here today for the sake of her
babies. She wanted to see if she could expect her parents to be amiable grandparents.

Now, it seemed she had been delusional to even have a shred of expectation from them.

“I don’t care for that,” Diana said coldly. “If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving.”

James got anxious and immediately got up to block Diana’s path. “Are you looking down on the

Forget about Luke’s grandfather. Even if it was Luke or any of the outstanding children in the Pabians,

would dismiss them all.

She had an extreme dislike for the entire family line. Even thinking of their family name would make her
recall the repulsive leer in Luke’s eyes back at the factory when he looked at her.

She also remembered vividly the desperation Julian had displayed back then.

“I won’t marry anyone.”

“Are you saying you won’t go through with your divorce?!” James couldn’t maintain his peaceful facade
any longer. “Diana! You should just accept the suggestion before we force you in the future!”

That was strange.

Diana was speechless. “What does my divorce have to do with anything if I don’t marry someone

Having said that, she tilted her head slightly and let out a meaningful exclamation. “Ah, I see. Kayla put
you up to this, didn’t she? She told you I wasn’t willing to divorce Julian and asked you to find a way,
didn’t she?”

Hitting the crux of the matter, James went silent. He hadn’t expected Diana to be smart enough to
figure it


“What if I said that Julian was the one pestering me about not leaving?” Diana said, raising an eyebrow
challengingly at James.


James didn’t believe it.

“All these years, the Fulchers have favored our family because of Kayla. There’s no way Julian’s
refusing to divorce you to marry Kayla.”

In other words, if Kayla had not disappeared suddenly in the first place, Julian wouldn’t have wanted to
marry Diana. There was no chance in hell!

James’s words still stung, but Diana had to pretend that it didn’t affect her. She needed to be firm. That
was the only way to convince James that Julian was reluctant to go through the divorce and make the
older man wary of her.

She could tell that James was more afraid of Julian than Kayla was. Diana couldn’t afford to let James

her continuously with the excuse that he was her father.

“If you don’t believe me, you can go ahead and find out the consequences if Julian discovers that
you’re planning to marry me off.”

That one sentence squashed any desire for James to use his usual dirty tricks.

Was he brave enough to gamble on this?

No. He didn’t dare try his luck.

Yet, he didn’t want to believe Diana’s words either.

James was sorely tempted to ask Kayla to clarify this matter, but he was afraid Kayla would be upset.
Eventually, he sighed. “Diana…”

He softened his tone and continued, “I’m not forcing you to marry. I’m a man, so I know what men want.
If he doesn’t want to divorce you, he must be planning something. Perhaps he wants both of you. Are
you willing to share if it comes to that?”

Diana wasn’t certain of anything else, but she could be sure that what James had said didn’t apply to

at all.

If Julian wanted something, he was always straightforward and domineering about it. If he really
wanted to enjoy having more than one woman, he wouldn’t have waited until now. As for him planning
something… That was even more impossible. There was nothing worth getting from her, after all.

James took her silence as confirmation that his persuasion worked. “The height of one’s life is only a
good few years, so it’s good to find another family while you’re still young. Have you considered who
will care for


for the latter half of your life once you divorce Julian? Will you only think about it once the divorce is
finalized? Do you think that everything in life is free, especially after you’ve gotten used to being a
wealthy wife? It’d be tough to return to the old days of hardship. You can’t be wrestling food with stray
dogs on the streets to survive again, right?”

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