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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 290

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Chapter 290

Regardless, Diana remained firm and pretended not to see the look on Kate’s face.

Diana wouldn’t forget that back at the hospital, Kate had been so sure that Diana had poisoned Kayla
and couldn’t wait for Julian to deal with her. The look on Kate’s face still lingered in Diana’s mind till

What was more, Diana couldn’t feel any real care or warmth from Kate the entire time the two had been
together. She could even feel Kate’s discontent when Kayla brought over this small chair for Diana to

Haha! If that was still the case, why would they call her, a daughter they often dubbed a street rat, to
their family home?

“What did you want to talk about?” Diana asked, getting straight to the point.

James almost choked on nothing when Diana spoke so bluntly. This fact only served to cement that
Diana was nothing like Kayla, as the latter was an attentive and obedient girl. In fact, he started to feel
glad he had thrown Diana away and covered the fact that he brought his illegitimate daughter into his
family by way of adoption for his wife to raise. It had been a good move, indeed.

After a pause, James gathered himself quickly and said, “It’s nothing much. You’re our eldest daughter,
so your mother and I are worried about how you’ll live after your divorce and wanted to ask about your
plans once that happened.”

As Diana had expected, they wanted to talk about the divorce, which was related to Kayla.

It was an indirect nudge about her divorce from Julian.

Diana looked at her birth parents, who, despite the smiles on their faces, looked at her like she was
trash. She truly shouldn’t have placed any expectations on them. From the moment she arrived at
Richburgh after a long journey and was mocked for finding her family, she should have thrown all
expectations out the


Yet, the simple truth was that humans would always covet what they couldn’t have.

Her two examples were Julian, the man who didn’t love her, and her parents, who had never treated
her like their own daughter.

She sighed quietly and said, “The divorce hasn’t been finalized yet.”

As they had expected! Diana had no intentions of severing ties with Julian any time soon.

James thought about what Kayla had said on the phone yesterday, and his mind raced quickly. The
smile on his face grew even more treacherous than Diana thought possible, which made her a little

Was this the father she had hoped for when she was younger? One who would care and protect her?

Time and time again, her heart told her no.

This was a man who was only her birth father, and nothing more. He would never be a real father to
her. This should have been clear to her from the time she was young and was fighting for food with
stray dogs while trying her hardest to survive.

Why else would her family not have spread the word far and wide about finding their lost daughters all
these years?

“Diana,” James said, convinced he had hidden the disgust toward her well. “If you’re afraid you won’t
have a stable life after your divorce, your mommy and I are more than happy to help you.”

“Really?” Diana said, pretending to be intrigued. “How so?”


This country–raised girl showed interest before James offered her any sweetness in life. As Kayla had
said, Diana wanted the Winninton family’s wealth and name.

As long as Diana had something she wanted, it was still better than those who wanted nothing. But…

It would be good if they could make the best use of it.

James suddenly had another idea. He changed his mind and said, “Well, it’s nothing much. Why don’t
we arrange a match for you?”

Diana hadn’t even divorced yet, yet here James was, already thinking about how to get her to marry


Diana couldn’t decide if they cared overly much about her, or if they cared too little.

Her demeanor turned colder, and she said, “Which family? Can they compare to the Fulchers?”

When she mentioned the Fulcher family, Kate couldn’t resist interjecting, “The Fulchers?”

The look in Kate’s eyes was even worse than James. She looked at Diana as though Diana was a
parasite that she couldn’t get rid of.

“You only married into the Fulcher family because you have the same face as Kayla! You’re getting
divorced, so why are you still thinking about the Fulcher family?”

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