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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 291

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Chapter 291

Kate had become very worked up the moment Diana posed that question.

If Kate had defended Diana valiantly, even once, Kate would have remembered it for a lifetime. She
would tell her babies that their grandmother also loved her dearly.

But that was impossible.

Kate only wanted to defend one person, and that was Kayla. Diana would be the only one Kate always

to belittle.

Before Diana could say anything, James shot Kate a look and said, “What’s with you? It’s not unusual
to want to know who she’s marrying. It’s completely normal!”

Before turning back to Diana, he gestured for Kate to sit down and not interrupt. With the same kind
look, he said, “Child.”

The term he used made Diana physically uncomfortable, and she resisted the urge to throw up. “You
can just

call me Diana.”

She kept calling James ‘you‘. How rude!

He was her father!

James was upset and breathed angrily through his nostrils like a bill, but he did his best to smoothen
his expression. “Diana, it’s hard for any family in Richburgh to compare to the Fulchers. The only one

that could is the Channing family, but we don’t have enough to offer them.”

Even though the Winningtons were well–off, they were considered to be only a second–rated wealthy
family. Compared to the prosperous Fulchers and Channings, it was not enough.

“But what we can give you isn’t that bad either.”

Diana smiled, and acted as though she was interested. “Which family is it?”

“The Pabians,” James replied and observed Diana’s expression. “You don’t have to worry. I’ve already
spoken to them, and if you’re willing to marry into their family, you don’t have to worry about money for
the rest of your life. Though they’re not as well–off as the Fulchers, they have enough to let you live a
life that’s a hundred times better than when you were a child.”

So, James was well aware of how unpleasant her childhood had been.

Diana’s eyes only grew harder as the conversation went on. There was no hint of gentleness or warmth
in them; instead, a deep sense of mockery.

“You want me to marry Luke Pabian?”

“What are you thinking?” Kate couldn’t help but interrupt again. “Regardless of how he is, Luke is still
part of the Pabian family and highly valued. If he were to marry, he wouldn’t marry someone like you, a
divorceel looking to remarry! We’re talking about Luke’s grandfather!”

Diana was speechless. Luke was a scum who had left psychological trauma in her heart and had an
even worse reputation. Julian had also crippled him personally.

And yet, Kate and James felt Diana wasn’t even worth someone like that scum?

They really…

Didn’t see her as their daughter at all, did they…?

As for Luke’s grandfather, Diana knew better. Since her kidnapping, Diana had briefly investigated the
Pabian family.

If Luke was scum, then the old man was a strict, rigid old scum. He was stubborn and shameless his
entire life, and had harmed countless women. If Luke’s father hadn’t taken charge of the Pabian family,
it would have turned into a hollow husk long ago.

In short, Luke’s grandfather was a hundred times worse than Luke.

Even in such old age, he was still restless.

She heard the old man chasing after a young university beauty some time ago. He spent a lot of money
to get her, but he didn’t expect her to be from a wealthy businessman’s family in the south. Their family
taught the Pabians a lesson through business when they found out about it, but the old man still
refused to give up. He secretly intercepted the girl and even undressed her…

Anyway, the point was that he was the scum of all scum and shameless of all shameless.

But such an old, disrespectful man was a savior for Diana’s life in Kate and James‘ eyes!

How absurd!

Right now, Diana wanted to ask why they had given birth to her in the first place if they didn’t love her.

Her cheeks burned red with anger. With how the fury simmered under her skin, she felt as though her

was on fire.

James, however, thought that the red on her cheeks was her blushing and that they had made good
progress. “If you marry him, we’ll also acknowledge and recognize you as our eldest daughter. You’ll be
able to live with the proper identity as a lady from the Winnington family.”

Proper identity?

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