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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 289

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Chapter 289

The following day, Diana stood before the entrance of the Winnington residence. This time, she was
here because James had reached out to her first and invited her over.

Even though she knew she shouldn’t take any chances or expect anything from them, it was impossible
to avoid them. So, here she was.

The babies in her belly were doing well. Ever since becoming a mother, she had been even more
confused at how anyone would not love their own children.

Kate had done it, and so had James.

“Why are you spacing out and standing there?”

Diana was lost in her thoughts when Kate came out.

Kate hadn’t contacted or met Diana since the poisoning incident at Kate’s birthday party that had
damaged Kayla’s throat, so it was strange for her to speak in such a warm tone to Diana.

However, Diana wasn’t fazed by the warmth and familiarity that Kate showed her. Instead, she turned
cold and said, “I’ve only just arrived.”

The sky above them was dark and dreary, as if it would rain soon.

Kate froze momentarily at Diana’s coldness, then touched her hair awkwardly and ushered Diana
toward the villa. “Come, let’s head inside.”

This was the first time Diana had been greeted and escorted in person. She was dying to see what the
Winningtons had planned this time.

Without batting an eyelid, Diana took in her surroundings and set her phone speed dial to Julian’s
number so she could let him know the instant there was a threat to her and the babies.

It would also…test Julian’s sincerity.

She wanted to know if he was serious about all the things he had said to her about the babies before.

When she thought of him, she couldn’t help but recall what he had said about having a solution that
could satisfy everyone.

What was it?

What kind of solution could solve the plight of everyone before him?

Diana thought about it as she walked, and she looked distracted while she did so. When James saw
her in that state, he was furious.

Like Kate, he felt that Diana had spent too much time in the boonies and was no longer qualified to be
the first lady of the Winnington family. She didn’t have the attitude or manners of a noble lady!

Instead, they focused on Kayla, convinced that the younger girl would bring more benefits and glory to
their family. They only heeded Kayla’s orders regarding Diana, wanting to convince Diana to stop
dragging out the divorce, which in turn was delaying Kayla from getting married to Julian.

For someone who had suffered much since childhood, Diana would definitely take the bait if they gave
her enough sweetness in life!

James had a sly business–like smile on his face that discomfited Diana the moment she saw it. This
was the fifth time she had seen her father.

It was a limited number of times, but as always, he didn’t disappoint her. Although there was a wide
smile on his face and he seemed to be giving her a flattering look, he could not disguise his disgust
toward her in his eyes. In fact, he looked at her as if he was looking at trash.

It seemed today really was a trap they had laid for her.

Diana focused back on reality without much obvious movement and greeted him, “Hello.”

She wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of calling them by their titles.

It seemed that James was startled by the short greeting, but he was also a little angry and
embarrassed.” Child, how could you be like that? It’s been so long since you came home, yet you won’t
greet your mommy and daddy properly? That was such an insincere greeting!”

Waving his hand, he gestured for Kate to bring a chair so Diana could sit.

“I didn’t invite you here today for anything special. I simply wanted to have a good chat with you.”

Diana smiled and sat down. She didn’t bother turning around to thank Kate for the chair either, and
Kate’s expression stiffened at that.

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