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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 288

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Chapter 288

This soon became known to Kayla, and the resentment she harbored for Diana deepened.

Last night, Diana had given such an insincere apology and quietly left, looking as upset as Kayla felt.

She obviously thought herself to be Kayla’s better!

In addition, Julian hadn’t returned to stay with Kayla as he had promised. Kayla knew it must have
been because of Diana.

As such, Kayla made sure Diana would feel her rage today in the company. She couldn’t help but think
that… that Diana and Julian must have slept together again.

How shameless of Diana!

She was already pregnant, yet she was still seducing men!

Kayla had gone through all the trouble of acting out such a tedious play, but she still failed to keep
Julian by her side. Even his concern for her had been short–lived.

She had racked her brains to come up with so much… Was it true? Was she not destined to win
Diana? Would she always only be second best?

No! That was impossible.

There must have been something Kayla had yet to do.

Suddenly, an idea popped into her mind. If it was difficult to break through on Julian’s side, she could
start with Diana! Kayla’s eyes flashed with excitement as the thought entered her mind.

Diana had always wanted the title of being the eldest daughter of the Winnington family, and for them
to openly acknowledge her identity as so.

Kayla’s eyes sparkled as she called James. With a smug smile on her face, she greeted him
affectionately, ” Daddy!”

James was equally happy to hear from his daughter. “My dear, what’s wrong? Come, tell me.”

The furrow in Kayla’s brow loosened when she heard that, and her smile stretched wider. “It’s nothing
much, Daddy. I just want you to give Diana an identity and status for real now.”

“Give Diana a status?” James was uncomfortable when he thought about the daughter he had
personally abandoned intentionally, and he couldn’t keep the unhappiness out of his tone when he
said, “What kind of status are you talking about? Isn’t it enough that she’s Mrs. Fulcer? That title
belongs to you, but she’s still stubbornly holding on to it! What else does she want?”

“Mrs. Fulcher…” Kayla laughed softly. “She won’t be that for much longer. Julian already said that the
divorce would definitely go through, and it’s already in the process. But Diana might be reluctant to let
go, you know?”

Kayla got angry when she thought about this. In fact, she knew that Julian had feelings for Diana; this
was the true reason for the delay in their divorce.

However, she couldn’t very well tell James that. She was afraid she would be abandoned just like
Diana if she

did. She knew from a young age that if she wanted to have a stable position in the Winnington family,
she would have to stand out and bring benefits to them.

For James, the greatest value she had was to hold onto Julian and become Mrs. Fulcher.

Unfortunately, Diana threw a wrench in her plans. Regardless, everyone still thought of Diana as
Kayla’s stand–in. If Kayla continued to insist, then everyone would also assume that Kayla was the true
Mrs. Fulcher.

Diana was only temporary. Yet now, she was an actual threat to Kayla.

“That b*tch!” James cursed under his breath, just as Kayla expected him to. “What the hell does she

“Thieves would never admit themselves as one. Similarly, Diana will never say out loud what she really
wants,” Kayla said, deliberately talking like a philosopher. “But I understand her very well. She wants
nothing but your and Mommy’s love. She wants to be known as the Winnington family’s eldest
daughter so she’d have our family’s blessing behind her after the divorce.”

James was silent for a moment before he said disdainfully, “If she wants our family’s blessing, it
depends if she’s capable enough to get it.”

“Now’s not the time to be petty about this,” Kayla quickly cut him off. “The most important thing right
now is to get them divorced as soon as possible. We can’t allow Diana to drag this on. I can only serve
our family’s welfare better once I become Mrs. Fulcher.”

Kayla had hit right where it hurt, and James said, “You’re right. She and Julian have been married for
so long, but the Fulchers have never given us any help or business deals on her behalf. Every time we
talk about business, they say they’re doing it for you.’

There was a hint of relief in his tone. “You’re my darling daughter, Kayla.”

In his beloved daughter’s time of need, of course he would do what she wanted!

And so, a happy family reunion would soon be staged in the Winnington family.

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