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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 287

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 287

What kind of solution did Julian have?

At this point, the only solution Diana could think of was getting divorce.

If possible, she didn’t want to talk to Madam Fulcher about her pregnancy until she absolutely needed

Yet, this fact made her heart as heavy as stone. It made her uncomfortable when she thought about
how big of a deal she was hiding from the older woman; she felt uneasy.

She wanted to make Madam Fulcher happy.

But now that she had Julian’s promise, there wasn’t any need to add trouble by leaving, and there was
even more no need to leave Madam Fulcher some false happiness. Diana didn’t want to leave her
children with the Fulcher family and be separated from them.

Sadly, the reality was that neither Julian nor Kayla would allow her to stay.

Her own pride wouldn’t allow it, either.

Her original plan was to get the divorce papers as soon as possible, then take her babies as far as

from here.

Julian obviously knew what she had in mind. He had read her divorce plan, which only had the word

typed repeatedly in the document.

At that time, he hadn’t understood her urgency. After learning she was still pregnant, and with twins to
boot, Julian finally understood.

Diana had only wanted to keep herself and the babies as safe as possible.

There was nothing wrong with that.

There was also nothing wrong with wanting to complete the paperwork as fast as possible.

Julian even felt somewhat happy to know that Diana was in such a rush to divorce him not because
she didn’t

love him anymore.

At least, in his eyes, it seemed she was rushing everything for the sake of the babies. She had done it
to avoid him finding out that she was still pregnant. She was still willing to give birth to his children…

These were things that Julian found comfort in.

“Think about it. If you want to know, then come and talk to me.”

Julian continued to throw her bait, his dark eyes looking at her like he could see through her heart.

“After all, this might be the best solution to satisfy everyone.”

A solution that could satisfy everyone?

Did Julian mean he could fulfill her wish of not parting from her babies and Madam Fulcher’s desire to
have great–grandchildren?

It was hard to admit, but Julian’s words were tempting.

However, Kayla was still in the picture. Everything Julian did, he did with Kayla as his priority.

Despite knowing this, Diana couldn’t help but mull over his words. If he really had a solution that could
satisfy everyone…

Then she wouldn’t need to feel guilty or ashamed when she met Madam Fulcher anymore. Not to
mention, she wouldn’t need to hide her pregnancy anymore.

Julian could tell Diana was thinking about it, and knew she had taken the bait. There was a chance she
would come around, and this matter would bear fruit soon.

After eating, the two went their separate ways, with Diana heading to work. When she arrived at the
office, she was faced with even worse attitudes from her colleagues; so much more than before.

Knowing that Kayla must have added fuel to the fire by telling them that Diana had deliberately pushed
Kayla into the fire, Diana didn’t need to think of the reason.

Obviously, Kayla’s little followers knew all about how Diana was the one who had been set up.

But did it matter? No one cared about the truth.

They only cared about standing on the winning side.

Diana would bring no value or benefit to them, so Kayla’s side was the winning one by default.

Luckily, Diana had long since gotten used to being isolated by her colleagues. She was happy to sit
alone in front of her computer to work and draw quietly.

However, she didn’t expect to find the work assigned to her to be several times heavier than usual at
noon. Looking through the list, she noted some that didn’t belong to her and returned them.

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