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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 286

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Chapter 286

Diana was speaking unusually much today.

“Why exactly do you not care about my being pregnant all of a sudden anymore?”

It wasn’t Kayla who was pregnant with Julian’s baby, but her, Diana Winnington. Based on his thoughts
from before, didn’t she and her babies deserve to die?

Diana’s eyes were wide and round; she seemed genuinely confused and was pondering very hard on


Julian snorted.

He was furious with her thinking.

“Diana, I’m not so cruel as to kill my own child with my own hands.”

“Then, why did you say those things in front of Luke…?”

“That’s because…”

Julian trailed off and froze. He hadn’t realized his feelings yet back then, but now, he was well aware of

Even if Kayla got pregnant, it wouldn’t be worth more than the little lives Diana carried in her belly.

No, more accurately… Kayla would never have the chance to get pregnant with his child. He didn’t
have the desire to touch anyone but Diana.

There was never a chance to get anyone else pregnant.

“Never mind,” Diana said, seeing Julian’s hesitancy. She didn’t want to push the matter any further and
simply added, “As long as you don’t hurt the babies or try to separate me from them, we can talk about
everything else later.”

However, there was one thing that was bugging her. She blinked a few times, trying to formulate the
words.” Can I ask who actually told you I didn’t get the abortion?”

“Vans,” Julian replied immediately. “He was drunk. I set him up.”

Diana was speechless. Seriously! Julian was such a two–faced bully! Whenever something was wrong,
even if it were just a bit, he would do everything he could to find an answer that could satisfy him.

“Also, he doesn’t know that he outed you.”

Julian was a real schemer, and she couldn’t let down her guard for even a moment! Diana did regret it

somewhat and said, “When I lied and said that the babies were Oliver’s… It was because I had no
other choice.

Back then, she thought they could divorce peacefully if she said that. To her surprise, it provoked
Julian’s anger instead.

Now that he knew the babies were his, he calmed down, began to treat her decently, and took care of
her like

a pregnant woman.

Diana lowered her head, looking at the uneaten egg and beef sandwich in her hand and the special
milk for

pregnant women on the table. An unspeakable warmth bloomed in her chest.

It was different from the many breakfasts she had eaten in the villa. The food before her now was made
in consideration of her babies growing in her.

At this point, she didn’t care how Julian treated her. She only cared about how he treated the babies.

Because the babies do need their father.

Even if they wouldn’t see or know him, as long as Julian loved them, Diana would let them know he
cared and loved them deeply.

Unlike her own parents, who were decisive about severing all ties with her.

A parent’s love could become the pillar of a child’s confidence. That was what Diana firmly believed.
For the sake of Julian’s fatherly love, she was willing to spend a peaceful morning with him in person.

“I know.”

The entire misunderstanding had happened because Julian had failed to sort out his own feelings. He
only ever thought of repaying the person who had saved his life, and mistook those feelings for love.

If he hadn’t been so blind and stupid, he would be living a good life with Diana and looking forward to
the birth of the twins. So many of the hurtful things between them would also not have happened.

“Diana…” Julian said as he looked at her seriously. “Have you ever thought…”

He trailed off, once again hesitant. He had never looked so uncertain before when he spoke, which
gave Diana a bad feeling. She clenched her fist tightly, feeling her nails dig into her palm. She didn’t
loosen her hand, as the pain was the only thing helping her relax at this moment.

Julian also clenched his hands unknowingly. “Have you ever thought that, maybe, I have a perfect
solution? It’ll allow you to have the babies safely and be together with them, and also make Grandma

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