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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 285

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Chapter 285

“Why?” Julian was stunned at Diana’s words as he instructed the kitchen staff to hurry up and serve


He had woken up early in the morning to prepare all the food that Diana loved, though with a few
modifications in the ingredients as she was pregnant.

He hadn’t made breakfast for her in a long time.

In fact, he even made some new dishes and was a little nervous about if she would like it.

Seeing everything before her and the expression on Julian’s face, Diana felt even more frightened.

What was he planning now?

Was he trying to fatten her up like a pig for slaughter?

Or in other words, was he trying to make sure she was well enough to give birth, then separate her
from her babies?!

She very well couldn’t stay here for another minute!

She lamented the fact that she had returned to the villa last night without informing Julian and Kayla.
This was probably what upset Kayla and angered Julian.

Yes, that was probably what led them to be in the situation now.

When Julian saw her sorrowful face and refusal to sit, he stood up.

Julian was a tall man; he was imposing as he towered over Diana, who was just a small, petite woman.

Before him, she couldn’t help but feel small and insignificant.

She was also wary of him and subconsciously moved to cover her stomach. “W–What do you want?”

“Nothing,” Julian said as he approached her, dropping his hands gently on her shoulders and guiding
her to sit. “I just want you to eat your breakfast.”

Diana was speechless.

She really didn’t want to end up being like a pig fattened up for slaughter. With so many things she
needed to make sure of with Julian, she was still anxious and not in the mood to eat. [1]

“Julian…” Diana picked up a sandwich, then placed it down. “Give me a definite answer. You really
won’t hurt my babies, right?”

Even in the wild, a tiger wouldn’t harm its own cub.

Julian was startled by her grave look, and was even more chagrined at the fact that he had forced her
to get

an abortion before.

“Yes. I’m-”

Before he could apologize, Diana interrupted with a voice filled with relief, “Okay. That’s good.”

He had wanted to apologize, but Diana had cut him off and taken his unfinished sentence as the
answer to

her question.

It seemed the terrible mark he had left on her back in the hospital was heavy in her mind. But if this
would put her mind at ease, then Julian would simply swallow his apology and go along with her for

When Diana saw Julian had no objections, her chest immediately felt lighter.

Her cheeks were still flushed because she had just woken up not too long ago, making her look more
lovely and sensual than usual. Pregnancy seemed to have changed her temperament somewhat.

Julian couldn’t help but stare at her, as if he couldn’t get enough of her. Each glance made him see a
different angle of her beauty, and he couldn’t avert his eyes. I

Julian was acting strange today.

The fact he gave a positive promise that he wouldn’t hurt her babies was unusual.

The more he looked, the more Diana felt fear gradually creeping up her heart again. For a moment, she
really felt like she was a pig for slaughter in his eyes. After thinking about it for a while, she finally
asked cautiously, “Then… Are you planning to torture me and force me to separate from my babies?”

Again with that separating nonsense!

This was the nth time Diana was bringing this up after he had told her he was aware that she hadn’t
gotten an abortion. Julian was at a loss as to how to explain to her for her to let go of this topic.

“I won’t.” He thought for a moment before he added, “If I really wanted to, it would definitely get back to
Grandma, and she wouldn’t let it happen.”

That was true.

If he were to keep them and chase Diana away after the children were born, it was impossible for
Madam Fulcher not to notice it. It was even more impossible for the older woman to remain unaware of
this happening.

Madam Fulcher loved Diana, and would never allow it to happen to her.

Diana seemed a little more at ease than before, and concentrated on eating breakfast.

The taste was familiar.

As soon as she took a bite, she could tell that Julian had made it personally.

But then, she started to wonder again.



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