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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 284

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Chapter 284

Diana wondered and wondered, and soon lost track of time. It was already ten at night, yet sleep
evaded her.

Then, her phone suddenly chimed.

She pulled it out to see it was a text message from Julian: “Don’t block me.”

Diana remembered she had blocked Julian on her app. Feeling a little embarrassed, she quickly pulled
up her


and unblocked him before replying to his message.


Julian’s lips curled up in a smile when he read her reply. “Good. Go to sleep.”

Sleeping late wasn’t good for pregnant women and their babies. Not to mention, Diana was having
twins, which was more difficult than pregnant women with only one baby.

The words on the screen gave her a familiar warmth and affection, and Diana couldn’t help but grow
ever more suspicious.

“When you left my room, you mentioned the babies and me…‘


As she typed, she bit her lip and thought it over again. In the end, she deleted the message.

Perhaps she was overthinking it.

Julian could only be treating her kindly because she had apologized to Kayla. She shouldn’t have
asked for a mile when he already gave her an inch.

Besides, last time at the factory, Julian had made himself very clear that no woman other than Kayla
would be allowed to bear his child. Yet now… Despite knowing that the babies in her stomach were his,
he not only didn’t force her to get an abortion right away, but also said such good things about her and
the babies?

It must be a misunderstanding!

Yes, that’s right!

Just a misunderstanding!

Diana shivered at the thought, then turned her phone off along with her bedside lamp. She kept
reassuring herself that she would cross the bridge when it came to it.

If Julian were playing a long con and continued attacking her and her babies tomorrow, she would go
straight to Madam Fulcher!

As for whether the older woman’s involvement would further delay Julian’s plan for divorce, Diana

want to think about it anymore.

In her sleep, she dreamt of Julian forcing her into the operating theater once again, and woke up in
cold sweat the following morning. She rushed to take a shower before going downstairs for breakfast.

Unexpectedly, Julian actually did sleep downstairs, as he came out of his room the moment Diana

the bottom of the stairs.

Hadn’t he gone to keep Kayla company?

Diana recalled that he had packed his bags last night when he took her to apologize.

“Remember to eat more folic acid. This is a hybrid type, which is better than regular ones,” Julian said
as he handed her a bottle of pills when he caught sight of her.

Diana felt a shadow creep up in her heart when Julian handed her the bottle. His particular action
traumatized her, for she remembered the contraceptive pills he gave her in the past…

He had also been the one to swap it out for her to eat.

Who knew if he had also done the same for these so–called folic acid pills?

Was Julian changing the way he wanted Diana to get an abortion?

He was even here, supervising her so that she would take the pills instead of accompanying Kayla.

When she thought of it, Diana was sorely tempted to immediately head for the old mansion and explain
her pregnancy to Madam Fulcher. However, it looked like Julian would stop her from doing so since he
was still

at the villa.

After all, he very badly wanted the divorce.

In the end, she waved her hand dismissively and said, “H–haha… It’s okay. I have my own.”

What she had was the normal folic acid pills, and Julian had seen it last night. But seeing how insistent
she was on refusing it, Julian didn’t force the issue and simply placed the bottle on the table.

“Take it with you after you eat. You can compare the difference between the one you have and this one
and take whichever that’s better.”

“Okay,” Diana said as she pulled out a chair to sit. It suddenly occurred to her, with a jolt, that Julian
had long since denied her permission to eat breakfast at the villa.

In fact, she had only recently gotten out of being a forced nanny.

Fearing the man before her would find fault in her actions again, she quickly stood up and said, “I’m
leaving now. I definitely won’t eat at home.”

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