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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 283

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Chapter 283

No matter how much Diana wished to return to the old days, it was impossible.

Faced with a husband who couldn’t tolerate having children between them, and was even planning on
how to separate her from her babies as soon as they were born…

She couldn’t pretend that none of these things had happened and play along with his sudden interest in

She remained unmoving and stayed where she was.

Julian seemed to realize something at the same time, so he stopped making the gesture. Eventually,
he still managed to persuade Diana into his arms.

He didn’t know what to say.

He didn’t know how to comfort her, nor how to soothe anxiety and fear in her heart.

He was even more at a loss on how to confess his feelings to her, and how to apologize to her.

All he could do now was hold her tightly in his arms with all the tenderness he could muster and simply

her in his arms.

His embrace indeed warmed Diana.

When her ears were pressed against his chest, she could hear the steady beat of his heart. A familiar
feeling rushed through her heart, and various emotions suddenly filled her at that moment.

She recalled the time his embrace solely belonged to her, the current situation they were in right now; it
had only been one short month.

Yet, in this brief period of time, so many things have changed.

Diana couldn’t be greedy and yearn for his arms.

It would only serve to turn her weak and vulnerable.

“I won’t compromise,” Diana said, her voice muffled from where she was pressed against him. She
slowly pulled away from his embrace. He was probably hugging her so that she would be coaxed into
agreeing to the absurd condition of leaving her children in the Fulcher family as soon as they were

Julian wanted to rage at Diana’s thinking. In the end, he only managed an exasperated smile. There
was a small hint of affection in it, however.

The kinder he acted, the more wary Diana was of him. Determination flashed in her eyes, and she
repeated, ” I won’t compromise. Listen up, Julian. I’ll give birth to my babies, and I won’t be separated
from them. If your want to hurt them or get me to leave without them, I’d rather die!”

Her tone was so firm that it made his heart clench painfully. Yet he also felt that she was being overly
solemn and pushing herself too hard, so he frowned and said, “I wouldn’t let die.”


Then, was he intending to torture her slowly?

“Just what have I done to you?” Diana sighed helplessly, her eyes taking on a wet shine. “Julian, just
what have I done to you to deserve…this?”

What crime had she committed to deserve being tormented by Julian?

Julian understood the implications behind her words. He could tell more certainly that today wasn’t a
good time to open up to her about his feelings, or to apologize.

Glancing at the door to the room where they used to go about their daily lives, he said, “You should get


The daily necessities in place were brands worse than the ones she had used before.

Julian was going to rectify this. He would meet Mr. Carter later.

He also hoped that in the next few days, he would be able to move back into this room. It would make it
more convenient for him to care for his pregnant wife.

He had read that the first trimester was the most vulnerable time for pregnant women. Perhaps she
would feel more at ease if he could stay by her side and protect her.

Now was not the time to argue or go against her wishes, lest she became angry or grow more fearful of

“I’ll be downstairs,” Julian said. As if uneasy, he stressed, “Don’t be scared. Whatever you’re worried
about… It won’t happen.”

He closed the door behind him softly, as if he was afraid of giving her a scare. From this small action,
one could feel how gentle and thoughtful the man was.

However, Diana had already seen how cold and cruel he could be. At this moment, it wasn’t easy to

him with such words.

But… What had he meant by saying all that before he left?

He had said the things she feared would never happen.

Was he talking about the babies?

Did he mean that he wouldn’t force her to get an abortion or separate her from them?

That…was impossible, right?

It was a bit sudden to experience such unexpected happiness.

After so many days of being on edge, it wasn’t that easy for Diana to unwind and release the wariness
running through her. Besides, Julian had a history of turning hot and cold in a terrifyingly short span of
time. She didn’t believe that such good luck would drop in her lap so easily.

Even so, she couldn’t help but wonder what Julian had meant with his words.

If he spoke the truth, then she didn’t need to worry anymore. She could even go to the maternity clinic
openly from now on.

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