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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 282

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Chapter 282

Why did Julian have to bring up the past? It made Diana’s heart throb in pain. By the time he finished
treating the bruise, thirty minutes had passed.

Julian handled the wound carefully. When he was finished, the bruised area looked much better.

Diana only realized her wrist hurt badly after he was done, but she hadn’t felt it until now. The
seriousness of her injury was more of an afterthought to her; she only realized how bad it was when
Julian had finished applying the ointment.

“When I brought up the child, I didn’t mean it that way,” Julian suddenly said after a long stretch of
silence. You don’t have to worry. I’ll make sure you deliver the babies safely.”

He would make sure she delivered the babies safely? Then, what would happen after that?

Diana’s heart skipped again. “You…want me to leave the children with the Fulcher family and kick me
out? Alone?”

Diana was usually such an intelligent person; yet for some reason, she always went in the wrong
direction regarding these matters. Julian was quite upset over how badly she thought of him.

But when he pondered about her question, he couldn’t answer. He didn’t want the babies to leave his
family, nor did he want her to leave.

However, he also knew that Diana would think he was lying if he said that. It was to be expected,
especially with how she was feeling at the moment.

Fearing she would accuse him as a liar, he kept mum.

It had taken Julian an awfully long time to finally figure out that his feelings for Kayla and Diana were
different. Where Kayla was concerned, he simply wanted to be responsible and repay her for saving
him. When it came to Diana, however, his heart would beat faster; he loved her and was quite
possessive of her.

To make matters worse, he had been the one to bring up the divorce in the first place. If he suddenly
poured his heart out, Diana would never accept it. Besides, it wasn’t like he could say everything either.

Had he done that, it would seem as though he treated deep feelings of love and marriage like child’s
play. It was especially humiliating to know that someone as sharp and intelligent as him committed
such a

ridiculous mistake.

If Julian said out loud that the woman he truly loved was actually Diana….

He feared no one would believe it.

Yet, he knew it to be true. Since he sorted out his feelings, his stance had become even firmer.

When Diana saw Julian’s hesitation, her heart tightened painfully in her chest. She clenched her fist,
her eyes filled with disappointment and fear as she said, “Julian… Are you really going to do this to

Julian was stunned. “What are you talking about?”

Diana tried to sound as calm as possible, but the tremor in her voice betrayed her feelings. “That you
want me to leave my children and chase me away after I give birth.”

Julian could hear the anger underlying her tone and the panic running through her. It was

Rather than laughing at her vivid imagination, this time, all he felt was guilt and an agonizing heartache.

All this while, he was the one who had mistreated her.

Unfortunately, he had come to this realization a little too late.

Throughout her pregnancy, he had broken her heart repeatedly. He roused anger in her and filled her


It was him…

Who had been wrong.

Julian said nothing, but his gaze bored deeply into her eyes. She could decipher nothing from those
dark, mysterious eyes; it felt like time had stopped for a moment as they continued staring into each
other’s eyes.

Feeling like they were stuck in a stalemate, Diana couldn’t help but get nervous again. She even
wondered if she should contact Madam Fulcher and tell her about the pregnancy. That way, she may
have another lifeline to reach out to when the time comes.

No matter what happens, she would never accept being separated from her babies!

Just as she was about to make a desperate lunge for her phone, Julian suddenly opened his arms.

Diana immediately understood what he was doing.

In the past, whenever he made this gesture, she would dart toward him quickly like a bird in flight and

to him.

Back then, he would take her for a walk in the yard to look at the flowers or bring her to the old mansion
for a meal. Even in front of Madam Fulcher, they would be glued together by the hip and be
inseparable. Madam Fulcher often laughed at them, but was elated and never berated Diana for not
acting appropriately. Rather, she would treat Diana even better due to that. She said it was because
Diana was the right partner for Julian, and that Diana could make him happy.

But in this case, Madam Fulcher, who was infinitely wise, was wrong.

Diana was never the right partner for him.

Now, she could no longer do as she did in the past and run into his arms.

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