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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 280

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Chapter 280

With that thought in mind, he retracted his gaze from Kayla. “If it hurts, go take a rest.‘

He walked to the first aid kit and retrieved the medical ointment. He poured Kayla a cup of warm water,
and made sure that everything that she needed was within reach.

He looked just like a caring and thoughtful boyfriend.

That was how he used to treat Diana.

Yet now, he was treating another woman in the same way, right in front of Diana.

He even threatened her for the sake of another woman.

Diana’s heart began throbbing with pain again. She was unable to see more, and took a deep breath
before quietly leaving the room.

Thankfully, the besotted couple didn’t seem to notice where she went.

Diana heaved a sigh of relief, and hailed a taxi back to the villa.

After Diana left, Julian stood by the window and personally watched until she entered a taxi. He took a
photo of the car plate, and instructed Noel to track her location in real–time and ensure her safety
before finally leaving Kayla’s ward.

Right now, he was in no mood to stay by Kayla’s side and take care of her.

First things first, he had to get to the bottom of the matter.

In fact, he was going to see Michael Gibson right now.

Julian was no longer in a rush to punish Michael; he wanted to first and foremost ask about Kayla’s
state when she first appeared at the hotel.

As long as she looked upset or indignant, he would choose to believe that Kayla was not so scheming
to deliberately frame Diana.

But if…

If Kayla was entirely willing and persistent, Julian would be left with no choice but to reconsider the
truthfulness of Kayla’s words.

But the latter was clearly the truth.

Even so, this wasn’t her first time lying to him.

Both times, during the incident at the cafe and the starry dress episode, Kayla had lied to a certain
extent; deliberately misleading him and sowing discord between him and Diana.

Julian wasn’t completely oblivious to it.

He just refused to pursue the matter.

This time, however, after clarifying the feelings in his heart, he could no longer tolerate Kayla’s behavior
in exaggerating the truth, falsifying things, and sowing discord between him and Diana.

Yet, Kayla…

Julian took a deep breath.

He truly had no idea what to do with her.

She had, after all, saved his life. She was his glimmer of hope when he was seeking death when he
was young.

He promised to take responsibility for her and repay her kindness.

Even though he knew very well that she was in the wrong, he found it very difficult to punish her.

All the more this served to prove how cruel he had been to Diana.

What exactly did she have to bear with over the past few days?

Julian dared not think about the details.

He feared that if he did so, the image of him losing Diana forever would become so real in his mind.

After handing Michael back into Noel’s hands, Julian returned to the villa.

However, he did not carry the ruthless and cruel aura he had earlier. His towering figure looked


When he looked up, he saw that Diana’s room was still bright.

She was still awake.

Despite himself, he couldn’t control his desire to see her.

Knock, knock.

He gently tapped on the door.

Diana didn’t respond.

Julian said, “Diana, it’s me.”

Of course she knew that it was Julian standing outside the door. The sound of his footsteps was what
she looked forward to every single day over the past three years of their marriage.

Every day, the moment he walked up the stairs, she would run excitedly toward him.

Right now, however, she hadn’t figured out how she should face him.

Still, escaping wasn’t the solution.

Diana finally decided to open the door. “Come in.”

She looked at the tall, handsome man before her; into those deep, dark eyes. Her heart broke as she
involuntarily caressed her belly.

There were two tiny lives growing inside her.

Julian noticed her movement.

He really wanted to place his own hands there and see how it felt.

And that was exactly what he did.

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