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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 281

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Chapter 281

This was the second time Julian had run his hands over Diana’s stomach. Last time, he had touched
her at the same spot when he thought she was in pain due to her period, and had brought her to the
hospital afterwards.

Back then, she hadn’t known about the babies in her belly. But this time…

The threat he had given her still rang clear in her mind.

Diana looked down at the slender hand resting on her lower abdomen. Yet, she didn’t feel the longing
and warmth that she remembered in the past.

At this moment, she could only fear terror for him.

She feared he would attack her babies, and she feared….

That he would disappoint her yet again.

She raised her hand and pushed his hand away. “Don’t touch me.”

Her voice was loud and cold, though tinged with a hint of fear.

The back of Julian’s hand turned red from where she had hit him.

She had used a lot of force when pushing his hand away.

He looked down, staring at her hand before he reached out to grab it. “Let me see.”

The bruise from when he had accidentally touched her had gotten worse. Her hand looked like it was
swollen. She hadn’t tended to it, despite being back for so long.

His eyes looked so caring; if Diana didn’t know better, such a look would’ve given her the wrong
impression. She pulled away her hand firmly from him and said, “You don’t have to worry about it.”

“If not me, who? Oliver?”

Julian felt hollow, and his heart ached painfully at her rejection of him. He glared at her. Before Diana
could reply with an angry retort, he continued, “Don’t get any ideas. If you don’t want me to get the
wrong idea about you and Oliver, and you don’t want me to insult him, you should just go along with

Once again, another threat.

Diana sighed ruefully. She didn’t understand why Julian was so fond of taking everything she did or
said as a personal insult. Thinking about it for a while, she finally said, “I came back because I thought
Kayla would stop bothering me after I apologized.”

“Hmm.” Julian’s expression was indifferent. There was no change in it even when Diana mentioned

Instead, his actions turned gentler as he moved to treat her wound.

It wasn’t like Diana couldn’t feel the change in him. This reminded her of the sweet moments they
shared when they were married; when Diana was the only woman in his eyes, and when Julian would
do everything for her personally.

Back then, she had thought that the person he loved was her. Thus, she happily accepted all the good

he did for her and was more than willing to return his love the same wal

But now, she knew that she had only been a stand–in for Kayla.

No matter how well Julian treated her, Diana could sense that his love and affection weren’t hers.

She desperately told herself not to overthink it and not to indulge in the warmth of his affection for her,
no matter what. Doing her best to calm herself, she tried acting as if his tenderness wasn’t for her.

“Julian,” Diana called softly.

“Hmm?” Julian still kept his head down, carefully helping her apply the ointment. His voice was low and
sensual, tinged with an alluring compulsion that perhaps even he was unaware of.

Diana averted her eyes. “What’s the meaning of this? Why did you come back to the villa to see me?
Kayla will be unhappy when she finds out about this.”

If Julian forced Diana to apologize again, she would be very upset.

It was obvious she was always provoked at every turn for absolutely no reason. More than anything,
Diana didn’t want to be caught in the awkward triangle she had been in today.

Julian stiffened; Diana furrowed her brows slightly at his reaction. His hands trembled lightly, as if he
was unaware of how tense he had become. Finally, he lowered his head to blow on her wound.

“Stop talking about her.”

Having said that, Julian realized he might have sounded a tad too harsh. He looked up at Diana and
quickly added, “I’ll help you treat your wound first. Otherwise, it’ll fester and inflame like before. There’ll
be a lot of trouble if that happens.”

Oh! So Julian was doing this because he feared Diana would give him trouble in the future.

Diana suddenly sighed in relief. At the same time, disappointment spread deep within her heart.

Yes, Julian didn’t love her.

That was good.

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