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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 279

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Chapter 279

Her earlier apology wasn’t the slightest bit genuine.

But right now, she really wanted to apologize and put the matter to rest in exchange for peace for
herself and

her children.

As for Julian asking to hear the truth, she no longer believed him.

Once bitten, twice shy, after all.

After being disappointed so many times, would he seek justice for her?


She only wished that he would spare her and her babies on account of her begging and groveling.

As for what Julian was planning to do to her after going back, she didn’t have the capacity to think so


Her mind was in utter chaos.

She had countless questions to ask him, but felt that every single one of them was meaningless.

Because he didn’t love her.

He didn’t love her the slightest!

It was why he forced her to get an abortion; when that didn’t work, he used her babies to threaten her
to apologize to Kayla.

Everything that he did…

The mere thought of it made unbearable pain pierce through her entire body.

But Diana couldn’t collapse.

She had to think for the babies in her belly.

Now that Julian knew about her pregnancy, she had to be a thousand times more alert than before in
protecting her babies.

She would never allow anything to happen to her children.

“If an apology is not enough…” Diana hesitated for a moment, biting her lips till they were almost purple
in color. Then she looked at Julian straight in the eyes and went on, “If an apology is not enough, I can


As long as he spared her and her babies.

She would do anything he wanted.

Julian felt as if there were a huge stone stuck in his chest. He almost couldn’t breathe upon seeing how
Diana was pleading so sincerely to him.

It seemed like…

He had truly hurt her too many


So much, to the point of no return.

At that moment, Julian seemed to have lost his voice as he looked at Diana, stunned speechless.

Kayla was the one who said, in a repulsively gentle voice, “It’s alright, Diana. As long as you admit your

Once again, she emphasized that it was Diana’s fault for deliberately pushing her to Michael.

Diana clenched her fists, but did not refute Kayla. “Yes. I admit that I was wrong.”

Kayla had Julian backing her up.

He was also the one who allowed Kayla to so blatantly lie and make up stories.

Since Diana was unable to fight against Julian no matter what she did, what was the point of fighting a
hopeless battle?

Julian opened his mouth, wanting to say something, his eyes never leaving Diana.

His deep, dark gaze frightened Kayla.

She refused to let her hard work and plotting be all in vain.

This time, she had to win Julian back!

Kayla’s eyes shifted as she whispered in a tiny voice, “Julian, my wounds hurt…”

Julian looked up, and thought he saw Diana calling him.

Both of them look so similar…

Especially today.


Even the brows, which was usually a point of differentiation, looked ninety–nine percent similar.

“Did you put on make up?” He walked toward Kayla.

Kayla’s make up was no longer sharp and exquisite.

Because she didn’t have time to wash up and she had deliberately avoided having water hitting her
face when she was showering, her make up was still largely intact.

She was still very confident even as she stood before Julian.

She deliberately lifted her head so that Julian could take a closer look. “Yes, after all, I had to attend the

She made herself up so well for the dinner.

Instead of emphasizing her features, the make up only served to imitate Diana’s aura.

It was hard to say that she went to the dinner reluctantly or indignantly.

Conversely, it looked like Kayla was extremely proactive about it.

Julian felt even more regretful about how he had forced Diana so viciously earlier.

He really should have interrogated Michael thoroughly.

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