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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 278

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 278

The sight of her apologizing, almost forgetting to cry yet eventually being unable to stop her years from
flowing, and her shoulders shaking uncontrollably yet not daring to say a word.

What was she so fearful of?

Of course, who else? She was fearful of him.

He was the one who made her choose to apologize with those cruel words of his.

But Diana looked so indignant that he couldn’t help but doubt if Diana really was in the wrong regarding


He didn’t investigate anything thoroughly, did he?

He simply convicted Diana without clarifying the matter.

She cried so indignantly.

So cautiously.


His gaze shifted downward as he realized in shock that her wrist was completely bruised.

Based on what he knew of Diana’s physique, it was probably a fresh bruise.

Did he bump into Diana when he pulled Kayla over just now?

Julian was utterly shocked and regretful of his clumsiness.

She was pregnant, and she shouldn’t be in deep sorrow. He, of all people, shouldn’t have injured her!

The pain in his heart grew ever more piercing and extensive.

Julian, who was usually decisive and fearless, looked at her and was suddenly afraid of going up to her
and saying even just one word.

His feet were rooted to the floor, and he was unable to take so much as a single step.

Scenes of him caring for Diana and her wholeheartedly relying on him in the past flashed past his mind.

Things were great back then.

It was a completely different feeling compared to being with Kayla.

He asked himself: if it were Diana who asked him for help in the bathroom, would he push the

to someone else?

He wouldn’t.

He would do it himself.

It was as if something struck him, and everything suddenly became clear.

He finally had the answer to the question that had been bothering himself for the longest time.

The one he loved was Diana.

Whereas Kayla was a responsibility he had gotten used to over the years.

That was why he did not have any feelings, and why his heart remained unmoved when hugging her.

But with Diana, those feelings of anticipation and possession were genuine.

He truly wanted to possess her, no matter when and where he was.

He didn’t want her to leave him.

This was why he kept dragging his feet with the divorce.

This was why he was so angry and vicious when he thought she was pregnant with Oliver’s children,
and why he went all out to destroy all her belongings that had to do with Oliver.

But when he knew the truth, that the babies were his, he wasn’t unhappy with her as he thought he
would be.

Conversely, he started feeling excited.

He was excited about the babies‘ delivery, and the thought of being a father.

He was excited to hear his babies cry for daddy and mommy.

He was even excited…

About the possibility of not getting a divorce.

Yet, things were going to become tricky.

Both Kayla and Diana knew nothing about what was going on in his mind.

Even he himself had just figured it out.

The unhappiness that had been shrouding him all along vanished, and he no longer felt rooted to the
ground. Right now, he just wanted to walk straight to Diana with determination. “Diana.”

He stood right before her, his dark eyes shining as brightly as they did the day he proposed to her.

They were so filled with joy and resolve.

As if it had taken him a long time to find her.

And right now, his dream had finally come true.

He said gently, “Please don’t cry.”

The sight of her tears made his heart ache painfully.

Diana was unable to stop her tears from flowing, and she kept retreating backward the moment he
began drawing closer to her.

She was still deeply fearful of him.

He couldn’t help his hands from landing on her cheeks to wipe away the tears. “Don’t cry. Tell me what
exactly happened today.”

His fingers felt warm to the touch, but when it fell on Diana’s face, it frightened her to death.

“Nothing.” She forced herself to stop crying and squeezed out a fake smile. “I was the one at fault,

Please forgive me.”

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