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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 277

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 277

What did he just say?!

Diana felt her head buzz,and she didn’t even feel the pain on her bruised wrist. Fear grew in her heart
the more she thought about what he just said.

Panic rose in her throat.

Her voice trembled, “You… You…”

Her throat turned dry and parched, and she was unable to utter a single word.

She was too afraid. Terrible, awful fear gripped her entire being.

Not only was she afraid that Julian would find out about her pregnancy, but she was even more fearful
of the second half of his statement.

He said that he wouldn’t be able to rest easy leaving his children in the hands of a vicious woman like

What she was most worried about was whether she could carry her babies to full–term, and whether
Julian would fight with her for the babies if he found out that she didn’t go through with the abortion.

Right now, they weren’t divorced yet.

Yet, her secret had been exposed.

All her worries were coming true at that moment.

Diana trembled and instinctively called out his name, and grabbed the corner of his shirt.



Julian remained unmoved. “Diana, I repeat: Will you apologize or not?”

He was threatening her.

If she refused to apologize, he would never spare her or the babies in her tummy.

She didn’t even know when he realized that she had lied to him at the operating theater.

She also had no idea why he pretended to be oblivious for such a long time.

What exactly did he have in mind?

If he didn’t expose her and force her to an abortion like he did the last time….

Then, was he really planning to snatch her babies from her after she gave birth?

More importantly, how did he find out that the babies were his?

Did Vans expose her?

Probably not.

He wasn’t one to have a loose tongue, and he had no reason to betray her.

But Vans and Julian were close buddies for so many years…

Their relationship would certainly be closer than her relationship with Vans.

The more she thought, the more chaos her mind was in. Diana felt her mind coming to a standstill and
finally shutting down.

She couldn’t figure it out, no matter how hard she tried to think.

She instinctively felt that she had to do something. She looked up at Julian, her eyes filled with

She was on the verge of tears.

However, she staunchly refused to let them fall.

It was as if she almost forgot how to cry, leaving only confusion and fear in her eyes.

It was a mother’s fear of losing her children.

Julian looked at her, his heart feeling like it was pierced by a thorn. Sharp pain filled his chest.

He was unable to say more to make her apologize.

He even began to blame himself for exposing the truth before Diana.

Diana suddenly thought of something and tugged Julian’s arm hard as she mumbled profusely, “I’ll
apologize, I’ll apologize! Please don’t hurt them!”

She was, of course, referring to the babies in her womb.

Right now, Diana was as jittery as a startled bird.

The state of fright she was in made Julian look on in shock.

He wanted to tell her that he would never ever do that.

But it felt like Diana was no longer receptive to external sounds as she hastily turned to walk toward
Kayla. She bowed respectfully as she said, “I’m sorry.”

Right after she apologized, the tears in her eyes fell.

She wasn’t just scared.

The bow and that apology made her feel indignant.


Kayla had always been the first to create trouble.

Yet, she always ended up being the one making a compromise.


Tears fell on the surface of her shoe.

Yet, it felt like it landed on Julian’s heart.

He had been looking at Diana all this while.

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