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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 276

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 276

Of course, Diana refused to obey.

She pinched one of the wounds on Kayla’s body and snarled, “Let go of me!”

It hurt so bad that it brought tears to Kayla’s eyes, but she refused to let go.

Right at that moment, Kayla saw Diana’s tummy.

What gave Diana the right? What gave her the right to carry Julian’s baby when Kayla couldn’t even
hold his hand?!

Kayla wanted to grab Diana by the hair and throw Diana viciously on the floor, and kill her along with
the little b*st*rds in her womb!

At that moment, Kayla no longer cared about the consequences.

Right now, she just wanted this wench Diana to pay the price!

However, she didn’t expect Diana to pinch her harder and harder. Diana’s eyes turned colder and
colder as she bellowed, “Let go of me!”

She yelled out loud once more, scaring Kayla so badly that her heart trembled with fear.

Pain emanated from Kayla’s wound and she immediately cried out, “Ahh, it hurts! Oh! Diana, please,
please let me go!”

Right after saying that, her hands that were pulling on Diana’s hair fell to her sides.

Julian heard the commotion and returned to the bathroom just in time to see the vicious look on Diana’s
face and the blood seeping from Kayla’s wounds into her shirt. Anger boiled in him as he shoved Diana
away. What in the world are you doing?!”

He swiftly took off his jacket and put it over Kayla’s shoulders.

Meanwhile, he called for the doctor to bandage Kayla’s wounds again. Everything happened in a flash.

He didn’t even notice Diana’s messed up hair and her arm, which was bruised from hitting the door
handle when he shoved her.

In the past, he would panic over every little wound inflicted on Diana’s body.

He wouldn’t let Diana have any chance of getting injured, and would never let himself be the culprit of
her injury.

But now, not only did he break her heart, but he even injured her physically.

Diana bore with the throbbing pain on her wrist as she stood at one side, looking coldly at Julian
running around being busy, the pain in her heart emanating through her entire being.

Kayla noticed the look on Diana’s face and deliberately flashed Diana a victory sign just as Julian was
paying close attention to the wounds on her leg.


She had truly experienced the difference between being the girl of one man’s dreams and being the

Everything about the dream girl was worthy to be heartbroken and anxious over, whereas the
replacement would only get the man’s attention when the dream girl was away.

Diana smiled self–derisively and looked away, unwilling to watch any further.

However, Julian wasn’t ready to let things go just yet. After Kayla’s wounds were bandaged up, he
stood right before Diana and demanded ferociously, “Apologize to Kayla right now!”

For disregarding Kayla’s kind intentions in taking her place at the dinner.

And for hurting Kayla a second time!

How could Diana ever agree to that?

She had her temper too.

At the beginning, she was still able to utter a perfunctory apology and end this entire episode. But now,
it was Kayla who repeatedly provoked her. Had she not reacted quickly just now, she would have been
pushed down by Kayla in the bathroom.

The consequences would have been dire!

And so, Diana said firmly, “I will not.”

As if on cue, tears flowed down Kayla’s cheeks. “Julian, don’t force Diana. I’m fine, really…‘

Fine? Her wounds now looked even worse, all thanks to Diana. Even the doctor couldn’t help but
furrow his brows as he bandaged up the wounds.

Whatever it was, Julian must give Kayla an explanation today. He won’t let her be shortchanged!

However, he knew Diana’s character very well and had no choice but to go for her Achilles‘ heel.

“Diana.” Julian looked at the silent woman standing at the side.

She looked stunning at such close proximity.

“If you refuse to apologize when you do wrong, how are you going to be a good example for the
children in your womb?”

Diana’s mind shut down the moment Julian mentioned the children in her womb, and she stood there


She looked up into the man’s beautiful eyes, and saw only cold heartlessness.

His voice sounded like that of Satan.

He smiled cruelly, and leaned into her ear as he said emphatically, “I know you’re carrying my children.
But do you think I’ll be able to rest easy leaving my children in the hands of a vicious woman like you?“

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