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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 275

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 275

Julian knew that Kayla really needed help right now.

But when she said those words, he couldn’t help finding them slightly awkward.

Suddenly, he lifted his hand and forced Diana to look up. His jaw tilted in the direction of the bathroom

he instructed Diana, “You go in.”

Julian didn’t understand what Kayla wanted, but Diana did.

If she were to go in right now, she would certainly incur Kayla’s wrath.

She rejected it resolutely and even pushed Julian forward instead. “I’m not going in. You go in.”

Julian’s face darkened. “Diana Winnington!”

His voice, laced with the authority of a person of power immediately, made Diana feel overwhelmed
and breathless.

In front of other people, Diana had always been able to strike a balance between humility and
haughtiness. But in front of Julian, no matter how mentally prepared or how determined she was, she
always ended up having to submit under his domineering ways.

That was especially so when he had that cold, hard look on his face that spoke of unrelenting
aggression and ruthlessness.

His opponent had no choice but to submit.

Although Diana was indignant, she was unable to resist his domineering aura. She rubbed her toes
against the floor and acquiesced, though grumpily, “Fine, I’ll go in.”

Julian immediately toned down on his aggression.

Had Diana noticed, she would have realized that even his neck and shoulders relaxed.

Still, she was in no mood to look at him. She was utterly indignant over how hatefully overbearing he
was, but she decided to remain silent on account of the principle of living in peace with him and bearing
with it until they were divorced.

Julian, on the other hand, sensed her dissatisfaction and added, “She helped you the last time both of
you were in the bathroom. Help her out this time.”

He was talking about what Kayla previously said about helping Diana rub her back.

In reality, the two sisters almost got into a fight with each other.

To think that Julian really believed that they were close enough to rub each other’s backs!

Diana shot Julian another odd look and lamented in her heart that it wasn’t just women who would lose
their senses in love; it was the same for men, too.

Julian sensed something wrong with the look in Diana’s eyes, but she had already turned and walked
into the bathroom.

Kayla’s eyes turned red the moment she saw Diana.

“Why are you here?!” she barked huffily.

Diana lifted her head and looked at Kayla expressionlessly.

Kayla was, in fact, done with her shower, and was even wearing a clean dress. However, many parts of
the dress were wet, making it slightly see–through and revealing.

Even Diana blushed at the sight of it.

However, she knew that Kayla was burning with anger. Diana really didn’t want to provoke Kayla further
and worsen things between them.

She looked at Kayla from the corners of her eyes, and saw the shocking wounds on her thighs and
arms which formed a striking contrast against her fair skin!

Diana felt more certain upon seeing Kayla’s wounds.

Her tone lifted as she said, “Julian told me to come over and apologize to you, which is why I’m here.”

The floor was slippery, and Diana didn’t dare to go too near Kayla. Nevertheless, she stretched her
arms out and offered, “Let me help you out first.”

“No!” Kayla heard Diana’s explanation, and knew that her ruse of inflicting harm on herself worked.

Her anger vanished immediately. Pointing to her leg, she ordered Diana haughtily, “It’s still soapy over

She was indirectly asking Diana to wash her leg.

Diana, pretending not to hear Kayla, and immediately pulled the bathroom door open. “You’re all done!
Go out. It’s cold here, and it really isn’t good for your wounds.”

Kayla was about to flare up when she saw Julian looking through the open door.

She immediately adjusted the look on her face and straightened her body to deepen her cleavage. She
smiled coyly, “Julian, Diana helped clean me up.”

“Get changed.” Julian glanced at her before quickly looking away and exiting the ward, leaving Diana
and Kayla staring at each other.

Julian didn’t even spare Kayla a second look despite her state of undress.

That made her exceptionally angry.

Even more so than the last time, when he remained unmoved upon her appearing before him in a


Because this time, it was in Diana’s presence!

“There’s soap on my feet!” She suddenly reached out and tugged at Diana’s hair. “Wash my feet now!”

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