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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 273

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 273

As if to confirm her suspicions, he opened his mouth and said, “But you must go with me to see Kayla
and apologize to her.”

This time, Diana was in the wrong.

Her leisurely stance at home and cold questioning felt so foreign and unfamiliar to him.

He couldn’t accept that his own children would be under the care of such a mother.

He had to correct it.

He had to tell her to admit the mistake that she committed.

As long as she corrected herself, everything would be fine.

In truth, Diana did no wrong.

He was the one who, once again, jumped to conclusions and took Kayla’s words as truth.

Ever since he raised the prospect of a divorce, such drama had been replaying time and time again.

Every time, he would stand on Kayla’s side without fail.

Diana, on the other hand, had to swallow all her grievances in complete silence.

This included yesterday’s deer musk incident.

What if her body didn’t react so quickly, and she only realized that something was wrong when the deer
musk had affected the baby?

What if yesterday wasn’t her usual period timing, and Julian didn’t pay more attention to it?

Would their babies be silently murdered by Kayla?

These were questions that would never be answered.

But as a mother, she had to swallow all these grievances with her eyes wide open, helpless to do

about it.

Today was a rare chance where Kayla took the initiative to attend the dinner on her behalf. Given
Michael’s nasty reputation, Diana was glad to see the turn of events.

One of the major reasons was because she wanted to take revenge for her babies for the deer musk

Julian didn’t know that the babies in her womb were still well and alive, but Kayla was well aware of

Diana refused to believe that Kayla had done all she did by accident.

At the very least…

Kayla must have deliberately put her babies in danger.

It was just that right now, in light of what she told Kayla about Julian being unwilling to get a divorce,
Kayla didn’t dare to speak blatantly about the babies.

She was worried Julian might change his mind and try to make Diana stay.

Diana had thought through all these things.

As for Julian’s request for an apology, well, it wasn’t exactly impossible.

Diana looked around. “Where is she?”

“In the hospital.” Her attitude was way better than he expected. Julian’s tone gentled, thinking that not
all was lost.

But his tone was still dark and brooding, as if he was trying hard to suppress his emotions.

“Is she injured, or did someone do something to her?”

Under the moonlight, Diana’s face looked exactly the same as it was in the past. Yet gone was the look
of kindness in her eyes, leaving nothing but icy distance.

As if she had no heart.

Julian wanted to flare up many times, but he kept his temper in check at the thought of her current


He was the one at fault for forcing her to abort the babies before.

Although the abortion didn’t go as planned, the thought of it and his ugly behavior then were enough to
fill him with regret and guilt to this day.

Those feelings seeped into his change in attitude toward Diana.

“She’s injured.”

“Oh.” Diana nodded.

It seemed Kayla had fought almost to her death to preserve her innocence. She then acted as if she
willingly took Diana’s place at the dinner, making Diana look cold and heartless in leaving her in the
lurch with an utter b*st*rd like Michael, ultimately causing her to get hurt.


How exciting!

Diana once again confirmed in her heart that Kayla was a high–level pretentious b*tch. She looked
coldly at Julian, as if she were an outsider looking in.

The great President Fulcher.

He blinded himself for the sake of love, so much so that she was almost in awe of it.

“Let’s go, then,” Diana said. “I’ll go with you to apologize to her.”

She wanted to see for herself how badly Kayla was injured.

The more severe Kayla’s injuries, the happier she would be.

Kayla had indirectly helped her ward off the potential disaster with that b*st*rd Michael, after all.

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