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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 272

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 272

The ward room wasn’t a suite, and only had one bed.

Kayla was delighted. She had a feeling that today, she was finally going to see a breakthrough in what
she had been trying to accomplish over the past few days.

She was finally going to get what she wanted when she least expected it, and when she wasn’t even

She had even thought through the possible movements that wouldn’t tug at the wounds on her thigh


After some thinking, she began to regret it.

Had she known that she would have a chance to share a bed with Julian tonight, she would never have
pierced herself so viciously.

Julian had left the room as she was letting her imagination run wild.

He didn’t expect to see Diana sipping on a cup of milk on the first floor the moment he stepped into the

Her long hair was splayed across her shoulder and milk hung on the corners of her lips, making her the
perfect picture of a cat lazing around.

What a leisurely mood she was in.

She even took the effort to slowly heat up the milk and wait for the sticky milk skin to form before slowly
sipping on it. Her mind was clearly not on what would happen to Kayla who took her place at the

She was so selfish!

Julian walked forward with a look of disdain and confoundment. Right off the bat, he demanded
harshly, Why didn’t you attend the dinner at Hillary Hotel? Isn’t it part of your work?!”

Whatever was destined to come, was bound to come.

Julian really didn’t disappoint.

He questioned her right off the bat without even thinking about the consequences if she had been the

who attended the dinner.

Well, he didn’t love her. Naturally, he wouldn’t care about her.

He would only be angry for Kayla’s sake.

Diana sneered as a look of aggression and defensiveness flashed past her usually gentle and meek

which were filled with disdain at this moment.

Disdain that was more intense than the disdain that could be seen in Julian’s eyes.

She said plainly, “Had I been there, Kayla would’ve lost the chance to shine.”

She merely gave Kayla the chance to do what she wanted to.

Diana recalled how she set off from the office, fully intending to appear at the dinner on time. She tried
her best to hail a taxi, but failed to do so despite changing her location many times.

Afterwards, she finally saw a taxi coming her way and stopping by the roadside. Just when she was
about to reach out to open the door, the taxi moved forward to the spot right behind her.

She turned around sharply and saw many of Kayla’s followers holding money in their hands and
stuffing it down the driver’s pocket, all the while avoiding Diana’s gaze.

Clearly, someone was playing tricks behind her back so that none of the many taxis that drove by
would take


Obviously, Kayla didn’t want her there at the dinner.

But how was this beneficial for Kayla?

Diana thought about the senior leader Michael, who specifically asked for her to join the dinner. She
had thought that he must be some bigwig worthy of pandering to, which was why Kayla was so eager
to go.

Yet, when she sought Nina’s help to tap into her extensive network, all she found about Michael was
nasty, filthy information.

This guy had a filthy reputation. It was impossible that Kayla knew nothing about it.

Yet she chose to head straight into the lion’s den, which made Diana know when Kayla had in mind
without even thinking about it.

Kayla simply wanted to victimize herself and make Julian’s heart ache for her.

What Kayla intended to do coincidentally helped Diana avoid getting into a pickle with Michael.

As for how Kayla and Julian would make things difficult for her, she was no longer afraid of that.

They probably wouldn’t dare to force alcohol down her throat and harm the babies in her womb, nor
would they dare to force her to do anything else.

So, Diana kept her phone and leisurely headed back to the villa.

She even leisurely whipped up an extra meal and warmed up some milk for herself.

“Kayla was trying to protect you, and you took it as her chance to shine?” Julian’s towering figure was a
stark contrast to Diana’s petite stature. He sneered and continued cruelly, “Diana Winnington, what in
the world goes through your mind all day?”

“Nothing much, except for getting the divorce,” Diana said calmly although her tone felt distant in the
evening air that was gradually turning colder.

For the first time, Julian found Diana so foreign and unfamiliar to him.

“Don’t worry.” He took a deep breath and suppressed the discomfort in his heart. His thin lips moved as
he uttered, “Once I remove all of Grandma’s spies, I’ll divorce you without any hesitation.”

The look in his eyes turned aggressive and imposing as he said the words.

He had never responded so quickly regarding the question of divorce.

Somehow, Diana subconsciously felt like he had some unspoken words.

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