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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 271

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 271

“Oh…” Kayla lowered her head, seemingly disappointed that Diana wasn’t here.

After less than a minute, tears fell down Kayla’s cheeks.


She looked at the wounds covering her body as tears hung pitifully from the corners of her eyes.

“Don’t tell Diana about what happened to me. Otherwise, she’ll feel guilty about it. Today… She was
supposed to come today, but since everyone knows about Michael, she probably felt scared about it
and procrastinated a little in the office. Professionally speaking, I’m the leader of her design team.
Privately speaking, I’m her sister, her family. I thought I should take her place in attending the dinner,
since we resemble each other so closely. But I didn’t expect Diana to not come at all…”

Kayla began sobbing mid–sentence, so wracked with sorrow that she was unable to speak further.

It looked just like she had suffered a terrible betrayal.

She had effortlessly created the image of her heroically turning up for Diana’s appointment on her
behalf, whereas Diana had left Kayla in the lurch because of her fear of Michael.

Despite that, Kayla was still defending Diana and thinking for her.

Julian’s heart ached for Kayla as he looked at the wounds on her body.

It made his cold treatment toward Kayla over the past few days look exceptionally cruel.

He should never have doubted her character.

All the more he shouldn’t have doubted their relationship.

As for Diana…

In those three years of marriage, he had confused Diana with Kayla for too long, and ended up with

affections too.

His feelings for Kayla were genuine.

His feelings for Diana, on the other hand, were probably a delusion.

Another reason was his babies in her tummy.

The babies…

The thought of his unborn twins made the expression on Julian’s face turn solemn.

Kayla saw Julian remain silent and decided to go further. She moved her hand to rub her lower
abdomen as

her brows furrowed in discomfort.

Julian tensed up and asked, “Is everything okay?”

“I feel rather unwell, perhaps because of the alcohol I drank just now.”

“They forced you?” Julian’s brows furrowed tighter as he harbored a guess.

Kayla nodded.

He had been neglectful indeed.

How could Kayla possibly avoid drinking in such events?

She was a cancer survivor.

That was a fact Diana was well aware of.

Yet, she chose to turn a blind eye to it!

She silently allowed Kayla to take her place at the dinner.

The doctor noticed the look on Kayla’s face, and hurriedly began carrying out a series of tests on her
which took another hour.

After confirming that Kayla’s condition was fine, the doctor heaved a sigh of relief. “She’s fine. She just
needs more rest.”

She only suffered superficial wounds, which didn’t affect her mobility.

But this time, Julian was not in a rush to bring her back. “Stay here for now.”

The room had been transformed into a VVIP ward customized based on Kayla’s medical condition, and
it was more comfortable for Kayla compared to the Fulcher residence. This was the reason he came
here right after bringing her back to the villa.

“I’ll head back for a while.”

Until now, Julian had yet to express his stance on what happened today. He didn’t even mention


Kayla wanted to ask, but was worried that Julian might notice something if she were to talk too much.
“Will you come back?”

She looked very weak and in need of company.

What was more, she was injured because of Diana.

The mere thought of that made Julian feel unbearable. “I will.”

He added, “I’m just going back to get a change of clothes.“

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