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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 269

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 269

Three years ago, on the day when he realized that Kayla went missing, Julian went wild searching for

He was worried sick that she was in danger.

He was worried something untoward would happen to her in his turf.

He didn’t expect Kayla to have gone abroad.

Three years later, upon finding out that she had gone overseas due to cancer, he looked at his own
wife Diana with his heart filled with guilt toward Kayla.

He thought he could take good care of Kayla from now on.

He thought he could give up on Diana and reunite with Kayla in no time, giving Kayla the wedding of
her dreams to make up for lost time over the past three years. Yet now, after one month, he had done
nothing for Kayla except to allow her to stay in his villa without an official status.

He even developed feelings for Diana, and wanted to preserve the babies in her womb.

And Kayla… Kayla knew nothing about all these.

She had been wholeheartedly dreaming about their future.

Yet today, he had let her fall into danger because of his neglect.


Or rather, it was deliberate neglect.

Ever since Diana’s stomachache last night and his tentative hug with Kayla, Julian had deliberately
distanced himself from Kayla.

He wanted to make sure of his own feelings.

He wanted to be clear about how he truly felt about the two sisters.

But now, he couldn’t take it upon hearing that Kayla was in danger.


The feelings he had developed for Diana over these few days were merely because of his children in
her belly.

It had nothing to do with love.

He had mistaken his own feelings.

Otherwise, why would hearing about Kayla being in danger be so heart–wrenching for him?

He had been close to heartless toward Kayla over the past few days. “Drive faster!” He instructed Noel
to accelerate all the way as he navigated to the location where Kayla had called him from. “She’s right
there! Be there in five minutes!”

Noel instinctively knew that something had happened and dared not delay in carrying out Julian’s
instructions. “Yes, sir!”

The car sped along the streets all the way to the hotel. Before the car ground to a halt, Julian jumped
out of it and swiftly instructed his men to block out all the exits and entrances of the hotel.

The hotel manager saw that it was Julian Fulcher, and knew that something major had happened.

He immediately came forward and bowed. “Mr. Fulcher.”

Julian ignored his greeting and simply said Kayla’s name. “Which room is she in?!”

The manager was utterly confused.

Thankfully, Hillary Hotel kept records of all their guests and the receptionist was able to speedily
identify where Kayla was from the list of hotel guests. “In Room 808!”

The manager repeated in a loud voice, “Room 808!”

Before they knew it, Julian had rushed into the elevator.

The thought of Kayla’s voice and the man he heard over the phone almost made his head split.

Right after Julian exited the elevator, he heard someone say over the phone, “D*mn it! What an unlucky
day! I met a woman with a nasty voice who hurt herself in front of me. What a spoilsport.

Yes, she wasn’t even the woman I wanted. I wanted the woman called Diana Winnington. Check this
out for me. Why wasn’t it Diana Winnington who appeared here tonight, but that nasty sounding woman
instead? She was horrid and scary. Just thinking about her makes me sick!”


Before Michael managed to hang up and keep the look of disdain on his face to himself, he received a
punch in the face from Julian.

“Where’s Kayla?!” Julian grabbed the man’s collar, the look in his eyes so murderous and cold that it
sent shivers down the man’s spine.

Even an old cunning fox like Michael Gibson was unable to withstand the fearsome look in Julian’s
eyes. He looked away in fear, losing even the boldness to fight back, “Mr…Mr. Fulcher…”

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