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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 270

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 270

He didn’t understand how that woman had anything to do with Mr. Fulcher.

Julian couldn’t be bothered with his greeting. In fact, he even had thoughts of killing the man in cold
blood. His eyes turned bloodshot as he gripped the man’s throat and demanded once more, “Where’s

He was on the verge of explosion.

Michael’s hands shook with fear and he pointed to the direction of Room 808. He stuttered fearfully,
“A–a- round the c–c–corner…”

He only dared to breathe when Julian released him.

He was about to make a run for it when Noel stopped him in his tracks.

That was when it dawned on Michael that the one whom Julian was looking for was that woman with
the nasty voice, who had thrown herself at him and then turned viciously on herself.


He couldn’t possibly utter a word about how that woman threw herself at him.

Otherwise, Julian Fulcher might really kill him!

The thought of the look in Julian’s eyes earlier made Michael’s body tremble with fear.

Even before Julian entered the room, he knew that Kayla had suffered.

He noticed that there was blood on Michael’s body, but he never expected to witness such a horrible
scene in

the room.

He could smell the choking smell of blood even before opening the door.

After which, he heard a weak cry. “Julian…”

“Ugh…” He found the scene almost unbearable, the blood stains in the room so shocking that his face
hardened like ice. His features softened imperceptibly when he finally reached Kayla’s side. “I came

He looked at her bleeding wounds and quickly called for help to bandage her wounds up. He then
immediately called doctors over.

The hotel manager knew that something had happened in the room, but did not expect Julian’s woman
to be


He went all out to cooperate with Julian and his subordinates, nearly wanting to compensate with his


“I will demand compensation.” Julian glanced at the surveillance camera that was deliberately shut off.
He sneered coldly, and as he left the room with the manager, he said to Noel, “I don’t want to see them
in Richburgh ever again.”

That meant that their hard work in Richburgh was about to vanish into thin air.

Yet none of them dared to refute Julian, nor did they have the chance to.

Noel was swift to act. “Yes, Sir.”

When the dust had settled, Julian returned to the room, which had transformed into a temporary ward
for the purpose of tending to her wounds.

“Mr. Fulcher.” The doctor saw Julian enter the room and stepped forward to update him about Kayla’s
condition. “The wounds on her thigh are severe. Had you come just slightly later, she might have lost
her leg.”

Julian was shocked to hear that. “What about now?”

“Her wounds were treated just in time, and her leg should be fine after recuperating for around one

Julian heaved a sigh of relief. “What about her throat?”

“Due to the shock she went through, all our previous efforts have gone down the drain,” the doctor
explained. “She will need to take extra care from now on to provide a good foundation for vocal cord

in the future.”

Julian knew how important the doctor’s advice was. “Okay.”

Kayla overheard their conversation and said piteously, “Julian, I want to go home.”

“Back to the Winningtons?”

“No, back to our home.”

The mention of their home made Julian feel terrible. “Okay, I’ll bring you home.”

When they returned to the villa, Julian’s brows were still creased with worry.

Kayla knew that it was time for her to add fuel to fire.

She asked cautiously, “Julian, have you seen Diana?”

“No, I haven’t.” Julian glanced at his watch. “She’s probably still in office. It’s not the end of the work
day yet.”

Just then, he suddenly recalled what Michael said over the phone.

Michael had said that Diana was supposed to be the one to turn up at the hotel.

But… Why did it end up being Kayla?

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