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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 268

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 268

With that, he grabbed Kayla’s hair and dragged her to the table.

Kayla knew very well what was going to happen next.

She also knew that aside from herself, no one would be coming to save her.

She could only once again pin her hopes on the many wine bottles lying around, one of which she
grabbed and ruthlessly smashed against her own head before Michael could even react.


The bottle broke into pieces on her head.

Her action scared Michael, but he recovered very quickly. “You threw yourself at me, yet you’re
deliberately showing me such a fierce side of yourself. Looks like you’re really trying to play hard to

His words made the fear in Kayla’s heart grow.

She threw herself at him not for the sake of this fat, ugly, middle–aged man!

She did it for the sake of winning Julian’s heart back!

She did it for the sake of making his heart ache for her!

In that case…

Kayla’s eyes narrowed as a vicious look flashed past them. She glanced once more at Michael and
suddenly lifted her hand up high. This time, she aimed the broken bottle at herself.


Drops of blood sprayed across the room.

Kayla was in an awful plight, with multiple glass shards piercing her legs and arms, her face turning
pale in

an instant.

As she let out an eerie chuckle, Kayla looked as if she didn’t feel any pain.

Even in his drunken state, Michael could sense something was very wrong. “What exactly is your
motive for taking Diana’s place and coming here?”

Kayla shut her eyes and shook her head, refusing to say a word.

She leaned weakly against the wall and crawled with all her might toward her phone, which had
dropped on the floor during the struggle earlier.

Her crawling left a trail of blood snaking behind her.

It looked like a bloody centipede, the scene startling and gruesome.

Even Michael was frightened by it. He just wanted some fun; he didn’t expect to end up seeing
someone else


Kayla’s behavior had taken him completely by surprise.

He crouched down, wanting to check on Kayla’s wounds.

But she lifted the glass bottle in her hand, threatening to pierce herself with it once more.

This time, she was aiming for her heart.

“Don’t come close!” Kayla yelled at him. “If you dare come close, I’ll die right before you!”

The moment she said that, her call to Julian’s phone finally went through.

Triumph flashed past her eyes and she cried out immediately, “Sob! Julian, quick, come and save

Julian, in the meantime, had just come out of a meeting.

He was still in a daze, but immediately tensed up upon hearing Kayla’s tone. “Don’t cry. Tell me,


Kayla’s wounds were still bleeding, and the choking smell of blood was getting stronger and stronger.

But the moment Julian picked up the call, Kayla smiled. It was a startling contrast with her terrible plight

that moment.

Fear crept up Michael’s heart as he cursed out loud and turned to leave.

“Who’s talking?” Julian heard a man’s voice over the phone. “Kayla, can you hear me?”

Kayla stuttered through her sobs, “I…I can…”

She even managed a sharp inhale in between her cries.

Thereafter, she hung up and switched off the phone with a smile on her face as she tolerated the pain
shooting up from her limbs.

As long as Julian knew something bad had happened to her, she knew he would be here very soon.

That would be when her acting skills would truly be put to the test.

Right now, she just needed to quietly wait for the blood to flow from her body, bear with the pain, and
drag her limbs around the room, and make it covered with blood and filled with the choking smell. The
more terrible her plight, the better…

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