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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 267

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 267

Tremors of fear crept up Kayla’s spine.

She tried opening the door of the room, but no matter how much she twisted the handle, the door just
wouldn’t budge.

Michael pulled her to him in one swift move.

The choking smell of alcohol on his body rushed up her nose, the smell so horrid that it made her eyes
water. Kayla pinched her nose and struggled with all her might, but she was unable to resist him.

It was true she wanted to make the entire scene look genuine, and make herself look more like a victim
in order to sow discord between Julian and Diana.

Even so, she didn’t want to be stuck in a situation like this!

If she were to lose her innocence in such a way, she would have less leverage over Julian in the future.

So, she must…

Protect herself well before Julian arrived.

However, she was just too physically weak.

Under the influence of alcohol, Michael’s strength was unbridled and he locked Kayla tightly in his
embrace. “You were the one who threw yourself at me. Come on, tell me you’ve been looking forward
to this all night He sneered lustily, the features on his face wrought with desire. He reached out to
unbutton his shirt as he sputtered, “Beauty, I’ll satisfy myself with you first before finding Dia…Diana…”

Michael was getting incoherent, yet all he had in mind was that b*tch Diana!

What was so good about her?

Why do all men get mesmerized by her?!

Anger rose in Kayla’s throat, and an inexplicable wave of energy overcame her. She shoved hard
against the man who was pushing almost all his weight on her and immediately dialed Julian’s number
on her phone, but no one picked up the call.

For all her planning, she didn’t expect Julian to not pick up his phone at a time like this!

How was she going to let him witness the terrible plight she was in right now?

How was she going to sow discord between him and Diana by accusing Diana of hurting her?

But right now, she had no time to think.

“Still playing games with me?” Michael leered as he bent forward to find Kayla who had hidden below
the table, reaching out to pull her out.

Kayla shrunk back as far as she could and continued to call Julian’s phone.

But it was no use. No one picked up the call, even after she redialed many times.

Michael’s hand landed on her shoulder.

He picked Kayla up as easily as he would a little bird.

He even tore her clothes in the midst of the struggle.

The look in Michael’s eyes was frightening.

Kayla’s heart thumped with fear. Her hands fumbled around her and came into contact with a wine
bottle. She grabbed it without any hesitation and smashed Michael’s head with it like a madwoman.

But it was no use.

In fact, it widened the smile on his face and made him look even more bloodthirsty.

Fear shot through her veins as Kayla realized that she was in big trouble.

But right now, Julian didn’t even know where she was, much less what was happening to her. How
could she suffer a double whammy when she had planned this all just to frame Diana?

She had to protect herself!

The look in Kayla’s eyes turned vicious as she changed tack and smashed the wine bottle in her hand
on the table. She then smashed it hard against Michael’s head once more.


The bottle was smashed to smithereens.

Ruthless anger flashed past the depths of Michael’s eyes. “D*mn it! How dare you hit me!”

He looked like a lion provoked to anger as he glared dangerously at Kayla.

The moment his hand stretched out and touched the blood on his forehead, he spat on the floor and
turned so agitated that he tore his shirt and charged toward Kayla.


Kayla was so shocked at his sudden agitation that she was rendered speechless.

She subconsciously stabbed the smashed wine bottle in Michael’s direction.

However, the disparity in strength between them was too great. Before the bottle reached him, he held
her wrist and exclaimed perversely, “How thrilling!” He chuckled as he went on, “I’ve never played with
a woman this exciting.“

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