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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 265

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 265

After all, he had climbed the ladder of success in the business world to achieve everything he had

As long as he set his mind to it, it wasn’t difficult for him to see through someone.

Especially for someone with a track record, like Kayla.

She had deliberately sowed discord between him and Diana, and would sometimes even play little

against Diana. He knew all about it, and even covered up for her.

He went as far as to pretend as if nothing happened.

Whatever it was, as long as Kayla wasn’t harmed, as long as he fulfilled his promise to protect her for
life, as long as he was still repaying her kindness.

That way, she wouldn’t have saved him in vain.


She repeatedly took him for a fool, over and over again.

This made Julian extremely uncomfortable.

Especially right now.

He turned around, refusing to see the concern in her eyes; the concern for Diana that was merely

“If you’re really concerned about her, you should ask her directly. Why are you following behind me so
closely and asking me instead?” He indulged Kayla and wanted to give her the best life possible, but it
didn’t mean that he was willing to be treated like a fool every single time.

Suddenly, Julian sighed. “Kayla.”

She didn’t use to be like this.

She was never this pretentious.

“It must’ve been tough when you were abroad over those three years.”

Kayla’s eyes immediately turned red. “It wasn’t. I felt blessed just thinking about you every day.”

At that, Julian felt like he choked on something.

“I’m the one at fault.”

He truly shouldn’t have wavered in between Diana and Kayla.

All the more he shouldn’t have allowed the thought of just not getting a divorce fester in his mind.

That would be way too cruel to Kayla, who ran off overseas all by herself in search of treatment for her
stomach cancer so he wouldn’t feel as sad and hopeless as she did back then.

At the same time, he felt like there was a part of his heart that was gradually filled by something over
the last three years.

In fact, it was why his patience toward Kayla was running thin right now.

Everything was his fault.

Julian sighed and closed his arms around Kayla, pulling her in his embrace. “Give me a little more

Kayla was completely confused.

She had just thought that Julian had found out about her tricks, and was unhappy with her.

To her surprise, he turned around and hugged her instead.

Kayla hugged him back happily, feeling all the more certain that she wanted to take Diana’s place at
the client’s dinner. She couldn’t let the issue fester any longer. She had to seize the chance and have
Julian in the palm of her hand!

She didn’t want Julian choosing Diana over her again, like what happened just now.

Kayla hugged him even tighter.

However, Julian’s face became darker.

He was now very sure that when he hugged Kayla, his heart remained unmoved, and he clearly did not
have the desire to be more intimate with her.

This seemed to be…

Completely unrelated to him treasuring her as he had thought in the past.

For the very first time, Julian began questioning his relationship with Kayla.

Was it love or gratitude?

The lines were beginning to blur for him.

As for Diana, did he take her as a mere replacement, or was he concerned for the fetuses in her
stomach? Or… did he really love her?

He wasn’t sure at all.

He only knew that his mind had never been in such utter chaos before.

Diana stood around the corner, quietly observing the couple hugging each other in a tight embrace.
She sneered as the chill in her eyes grew icier.



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