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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 263

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 263

“You’re so overbearing and selfish!” Those were Diana’s comments for Julian right now.

She couldn’t win an argument against him, and didn’t even want to have an argument with him.

Deep inside, she was indignant and frustrated.

She had to open the window to let fresh air in and adjust her breathing.

That was the only thing she could do to lift her mood.

Julian wasn’t convinced.

To him, Diana was more overbearing than he was. She even stripped him of his right to be a father.

She was the one who wanted to get a divorce and leave him with his children in tow!

But at the sight of the tears in Diana’s eyes, he swallowed the hurtful words that were at the tip of his

The state that Diana was in right now…

Definitely had something to do with what he did in the past.

Over their three years of marriage, didn’t he silently strip her of her right to be a mother too?

If it weren’t for him accidentally forgetting to replace the pills, she couldn’t possibly be pregnant right

The thought of what he said to Luke in a rush in front of Diana at the factory made Julian want to slap
himself silly.

Back then…

She must have felt deeply hurt.

His face darkened even more, but he didn’t do anything further to her.

Even until they got out of the car, he took the initiative to open her car door and block her head from
hitting the roof of the car.

Diana was slightly taken aback.

However, she concluded that he did it simply out of habit.

There were some things that she had gotten used to, and so did he.

According to Julian, Kayla was the reason for what happened today. For all she knew, he was being so
gentlemanly and tolerant by way of apologizing on behalf of Kayla.

It wouldn’t be his first time doing something like this, anyway.

But each time Diana had to face up to reality, her heart would throb with pain.

Thankfully, after the chaos that ensued today, Julian probably detested her even more and felt even
more strongly about the divorce.

“There’s nothing between Oliver and I.” She thought about it before saying gently, “I hope you won’t
slander him in the future. After all, I have never slandered Kayla before you, despite how cruelly you

Kayla treated me.”


Was she negotiating with him?

He refused to budge.

“You can say whatever you like. Conversely, you have no say over what I want to say.

Diana was stunned. “You mean, you don’t mind even if I speak badly of Kayla in front of you?”

“I do,” Julian said coldly, “Otherwise, how will I be as overbearing and selfish as you say I am, and live
up to your perception of me?”

The sight of Diana being rendered speechless by his words made Julian’s mood improve by leaps and
bounds. The bad mood he was suffering from throughout the journey vanished in an instant. “Does
your stomach still hurt?”

He looked serious and sincerely concerned.

But Julian was wicked through and through, and she refused to fall into his trap again. She said coldly,
“It no longer hurts. Thank you for your concern, Mr. Fulcher.”

Just then, Kayla appeared at the door of the villa, looking like she was waiting for Julian’s return.

Julian corrected Diana, as if he didn’t see Kayla standing there, “Call me Hubby.”


Diana felt like she was struck by lightning, as feelings of disgust and horror arose in her. “Quit joking.
It’s not funny at all.” She pointed at where Kayla was standing. “Kayla’s waiting for you.”

She, Diana Winnington, was not a toy for their entertainment.

Not for them to step on whenever they felt like it.

Not for them to taste whenever they felt like it.

Even though she loved Julian desperately to the point of being unable to hate him, despite him doing
so many cruel and downright wicked things to her.

To the point of switching between holding out hope for him and then having all her hopes dashed.

She wasn’t about to cheapen herself to that extent.

All her emotional struggles shall be hers alone.

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