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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 261

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 261

If Julian were to find out that her stomach was hurting not because of her period cramps, would he
consider tearing through her stomach with his bare hands right this moment?

Diana was so frightened by the possibility that her whole body went stiff.

Julian sensed a change in her and lowered his head to ask, “What’s the matter?”

But to Diana, he looked just like the devil from hell who was here in search of souls. “Jul…Julian

She began stuttering, “My stomach no longer hurts. I was just joking with you earlier. Just let me sit
here, and I’ll be fine.”

Julian could tell at a glance what she was feeling guilty about.

He didn’t want to tease her about it, but couldn’t help himself.

“Relax.” He just wanted to feel his babies.

Contrary to his advice, Diana was unable to relax with his hand still there.

She felt tense both in her mind and heart and said as she tried to push his hand away, “I’m fine, really.
It doesn’t hurt anymore…”


“Rubbish!” Julian could see through her and insisted on leaving his hand there, refusing to let Diana

to her own seat.

He remained there, semi–hugging Diana, his eyes twinkling with a smile. “It hurt so badly in the villa
and you were even shopping in a wheelchair just now. How could you be fine so quickly?”

Had she known this would happen, she wouldn’t have gone with the flow and sat in the wheelchair.

Now, it gave Julian the perfect excuse to latch on to.

“Julian.” Diana couldn’t stand it any longer and asked “Do you really think that was just ordinary period

“No,” Julian replied solemnly.

Of course!

It wasn’t that easy to hide the pregnancy from him after all.

Alarm bells rang in Diana’s mind as she felt her throat constrict with fear, “Then… What else do you

The smile in Julian’s eyes deepened as he looked at Diana behaving like a frightened hamster running
around in circles in its cage. He found it amusing, and deliberately dragged his words out as he said,
“What… do you think?”

Damn it all!

This wicked man!

The more Diana thought about it, the more frightened she felt.

This time round, she didn’t care that he was still holding her. She forced her way out of his arms and
sat back

in her seat resolutely.

Julian was worried that she would hurt the fetus in the midst of struggling, and quickly answered his
own question in feigned surprise. “You used to have really bad period cramps, don’t you remember?”


It was true that she used to have bad period cramps.

There was one time when she had cramps while they were out on a trip. She didn’t want to spoil his fun
and decided to tolerate the pain at the beginning.

However, the pain in her tummy got worse and her face turned paler and paler by the minute. The pain
was so excruciating that she eventually fainted.

Julian was in a state of fright as he stayed by her side at the hospital the entire day.

The trip didn’t go as planned, but he didn’t look disappointed at all. In fact, after that episode, he was
extra cautious whenever her period was around the corner. He would instruct the kitchen to brew tea
and prepare warm honey in advance.

Although he didn’t do so this time, he still remembered when she got her period cramps.

“Why…” It was as if a dam in Diana’s heart finally burst as tears began welling up in her eyes. “You’re
the one who asked for a divorce and even began staying with Kayla. Yet, you still remember when I
had my period and even gave me a tummy rub, as though you’re still so deeply in love with me.”

She was still half–lying in his embrace, and they were so close to each other.

They could even feel each other’s body warmth.

Yet, a great chasm lay between them.

Julian felt exposed, but he opened his mouth and countered, “I wasn’t rubbing your belly. I simply
placed my hand on it. What’s more,” he paused, “I didn’t remember when your period cramps were at
first. The pain in your stomach reminded me of it.”

The thoughts and affections swirling around Diana’s mind disappeared in a flash at Julian’s
explanation.” Haha,” she chuckled awkwardly. “It was my wishful thinking. Mr. Fulcher, don’t mind me.”

Julian chuckled back at her. “That’s all right. I don’t mind.”

“But, I do mind. A little.” Diana pinched the back of his hand and lifted it up, as if she were picking up
trash. ” We’re about to get divorced. Let’s not play such games with each other.”

The mere mention of divorce made Julian’s face darken.

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