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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 258

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Chapter 258

Diana didn’t put her heart into choosing the outfit.

When Julian noticed this, his smile gradually faded.

“I don’t like it.” He pointed in a random direction on this floor. “There are many more outfits for men.”

That meant he wanted Diana to continue searching for an outfit for him.

“But I’m feeling a little tired.” The doctor who did the ultrasound scan told her that she needed to rest

If she continued shopping, stamina wouldn’t be the only problem she faced. There were so many
people here in the shopping mall. Diana was worried she would bump against someone and hurt

Julian suddenly lifted his hand.


He snapped his fingers.

Within a minute, everyone in the shopping mall was gone.

After that, Noel came over with an electric wheelchair. “Mrs. Fulcher, please have a seat.”

“Huh?” Diana was confused.

“Mr. Fulcher thought there were too many people, and it was too annoying,” Noel explained. “Besides,
it’s your menstrual cycle. It’s better for you to be sitting while you choose the clothes.”

Diana glanced at Julian speechlessly. ‘Picky.‘

Although she didn’t say it out loud, the look in her eyes said it all.

Julian felt as if he was being choked. He wanted to strangle her by the neck and toss her onto the bed.

see if she could still look at him like that!


To be honest, he just wanted to spend more time with her and the babies in her stomach.

“Give Kayla some time to clean up,” was what he wanted to say, but he ended up saying something
else instead. “By the time we get back, the scent on her will be gone.”

At the end of the day, the rationale was the same. Kayla was his top priority.

Even if Julian misunderstood the fact that it was Diana’s period, she still had to stay aside and not go

Diana tried to hide her disappointment. “Okay.”

It was good enough that he had told Kayla to get rid of the scent. Diana couldn’t have asked for more.

More importantly, she couldn’t expect Julian to punish Kayla over this.

Diana would have to be more careful on her own.

Moreover, she needed to take whatever opportunity was presented to her.

Diana sat on the wheelchair. “Alright. I’m tired anyway. This makes things convenient.”

Noel quickly backed away.

Apart from the salesperson, Diana and Julian were the only ones who remained.

Since the wheelchair ran on electricity, Diana wanted to control it herself. However, Julian took the
initiative to stand behind her and pushed her into another store for menswear without saying a word.

They had never actually shopped seriously like this.

Even if Diana was the one picking Julian’s clothes, the classic brands would have the outfits delivered
to the

villa for her to choose from.

This was considered a new experience.

In the beginning, Diana was rather unwilling. Toward the end, she began to find joy in selecting his

Mainly, it was because her legs were no longer tired. Whenever she pointed at an outfit, Julian would
try it on.

His legs were long, his shoulders were broad, and his waist was lean. He had the perfect body of a

On top of that, he could make any outfit appear extraordinary with that handsome face of his.

For someone selecting an outfit for him, this was a visual feast.

Most importantly, Julian would smile each time he tried on a new outfit.

In fact, he was smiling at Diana as if he really was in a good mood.

At the same time, Diana had gotten so used to his cold expression that the way he smiled at her now
felt like he was trying to make her happy.


Did Julian need to make her happy?

Diana shook her head and tried to get rid of this ridiculous notion. However, when she looked up, she
was bedazzled by his smile yet again.

She wasn’t wrong.

The way he smiled really did seem as if he was trying to make her happy.

He looked just like a dog that was shaking and wagging its large tail…

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