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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 259

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Chapter 259

Was he waiting for her to praise him?

Diana resisted the urge for a long while. “They all look pretty good.”

After saying that, she thought for a moment before making another comment. “But I don’t have that
much money to buy clothes for you. You can only choose one.”

When Julian first heard this, the temperature of the air around him instantly dropped by at least ten

When did Julian ever need a woman to pay for his clothes?

After some consideration, he remembered that Diana was the one paying for his outfit.

Did that mean it was a gift from Diana?

Once he reframed his mindset, he agreed to it, and the coldness between his brows slowly faded. He
didn’t argue with her. “Fine. I’ll only pick one.”

His voice was elegant and deep.

After trying on multiple outfits, the front part of his hair had already turned droopy. Now, he appeared
completely harmless.

For a brief moment, Diana almost thought they had returned to the old days.

They used to be so loving to each other.

Julian would agree to whatever she said or did, just as he was doing today.

Back then, he would always say, “Alright. Whatever you want, Diana.”

Sadly, Diana only found out later that he didn’t really think that way.

The thought that she had been Kayla’s substitute for the past three years made her heart ache in pain.

Diana couldn’t help but grab the wheelchair’s handle tightly. Only then did she feel a little better.

During the moment of distraction, she missed what Julian was doing.

A pair of brightly polished leather shoes soon appeared in front of her. It shined as brightly as its owner,
but Diana felt as if it was impossible to ever get close to it.

When she lifted her head, Julian was looking at her impatiently again. “Hurry up!”

The past could only stay in the past. She shouldn’t even think about it..

Otherwise, she would only feel endlessly disappointed.

Diana was confused. Why was he yelling at her? “What is it now?”

The salesperson stood behind Julian, and didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly. She carefully brought
the wrapped outfit to Diana. “Mr. Fulcher said he wanted this one.”

Julian had tried on so many outfits. She couldn’t even remember which one it was.

At first, she wanted to take the outfit out to look at it. However, when she saw the impatient look on

face, she decided against it.

A dog that wagged its tail and begged for her attention? It was all in her head!

This man was clearly Satan with an unpredictable mood!

Diana resigned to her fate, knowing there was no way of fighting it, and retrieved her credit card.
“Swipe this.

Soon, she received a message on her phone. “You have spent 400 dollars.”


Why was the outfit Julian chose so cheap?

This was barely enough for a single meal he would usually spend on.

Besides, the price of this outfit was similar to the price of the ones sold in L.

Diana thought for a moment before asking hesitantly, “The price difference is huge. Are you sure this
makes us equal? Or… Do you have a new demand? Do you want me to do something else to make
things even?”

‘Make things even? This damned woman!”

Why must Diana always have to draw the line so clearly between them?

He chose the cheapest outfit he could find in hopes that it would lessen her burden, but she didn’t
appreciate it at all.

Julian’s mood instantly deteriorated. His facial expression also became gloomy. He looked daggers at
her and said through gritted teeth, “This makes us even.”

Diana raised her brows slightly. She beamed. “You said those words. You can’t regret it now.”

Julian looked at her gleaming eyes. There was a beauty in them that he found impossible to resist.

It felt like something had knocked the wind out of him.

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