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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 256

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 256

Lucy felt equally troubled by what she heard. Mainly, it was because she didn’t expect Julian to resist
such strong drugs. That man was certainly extraordinary.

If she wanted to become his mother–in–law, there was still a long way to go.

She needed to be more cruel.

“That leaves us with no choice.” Lucy made up her mind. “Didn’t you say there’s a company event
Diana was supposed to attend?”

“That’s right. The superior who invited her is a scum,” Kayla replied. “Are you implying I should make
Diana fall into his trap?”

“No, it’s you. You have to fall into it,” Lucy said.

Kayla and Diana looked very alike. It was time to make use of this fact.

“You’ll attend the event in her place,” Lucy explained.

Kayla immediately rejected the suggestion. “No way! You have no idea how scary Michael is, Mom.
Someone in the company was specifically chosen by him to attend a so–called company event, but the
next day, that girl…” Kayla shivered at the thought. “Mom, I really can’t do this. If I lose my virginity,
Julian won’t want me anymore!”

However, Lucy needed to use her daughter as bait.

Despite the danger, she still wanted Kayla to take the chance. “You’re already so passive! If you want
to make Julian focus on you, you’ll have to show him that you’re weak and innocent.”

What if Kayla really did lose her virginity?

Lucy didn’t dare imagine how Julian would treat Kayla.

She also felt conflicted about it. “Let’s think about this first. I’m sure we can come up with another

This was the first time Kayla couldn’t get an effective solution from her mother. Now, her panic was

The fear that she would soon lose Julian intensified.

“Miss Winnington,” Mr. Carter approached her awkwardly with his phone. “Mr. Fulcher has something to
tell you.”


Kayla had a bad feeling about this.

She didn’t want to answer the call.

However, she didn’t have a choice. “Hello, Julian…”

“Yes? Okay, got it.”

“I understand.”

After hearing Julian’s instructive tone, her fury rose ever more.

Wham! She hung up and looked at Mr. Carter with an upset expression. “I’m going upstairs.”

Julian actually asked her to take another shower!

Kayla burst into tears as soon as she closed the door.

She finally understood that he genuinely wanted her to take a shower, and nothing else. There was no
underlying meaning to it. It wasn’t the sexual hint she assumed.

Kayla couldn’t understand why this happened. Clearly, everything was going according to plan. She
had clearly spent so much time with Julian.

He treated her like the apple of his eye. He even said he would be good to her for the rest of his life.

Why did everything change after Diana showed up?

Could Julian have found out that she pretended to be Diana, the one who actually rescued him?

No, that’s impossible!

Knowing Julian, he definitely wouldn’t allow her to live after finding out about such a lie!

No matter what, Kayla had to keep this a secret.

She absolutely wouldn’t allow Diana to steal Julian from her!

After coming out from the bathroom, Kayla didn’t dare to put on the fragrant moisturizing cream again.

During the call earlier, Julian specifically told her that he didn’t want to smell that scent again. It would
never be allowed to appear in the Fulchers‘ residence.

In fact, Noel even destroyed the existing fragrant moisturizing cream in the house.

Not a single second was wasted when he carried out the order.

Kayla’s feelings were never once considered during the process.

She asked Noel about it, and he told her that the scent made Diana feel unwell.


Kayla couldn’t believe her ears. She actually had to take a step back for Diana!

She had to throw away the fragrant moisturizing cream, just because Diana didn’t like it!

Kayla went wild with jealousy. After thinking for a moment, she finally sent Lucy a message. “Mom, I

to go.”

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