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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 255

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 255

When Diana heard the heavy footsteps behind her, insecurity washed over her .She felt a rising
pressure crushing her very bones.

This man…


He seemed to be much more concerned with her health than she was.

However, his aura was much too strong, and she was hiding something from him. She would feel a little

guilty whenever he looked at her. “I’ll go with Oliver. You can wait outside.”

She didn’t want Julian to come along, but Julian wouldn’t give in so easily.

“This involves Kayla. I want to come with you.”

Only then did Diana realize he was concerned because the scent they carried came from Kayla.

Diana realized she was overthinking again.

She recalled his warm hand, and the mysterious yet forceful heartbeats she heard in the ultrasound
room. She felt a pang of disappointment once more.

However, she didn’t let it show.

“Alright.” Diana could already behave completely indifferent whenever Kayla and Julian were involved.

A brief dimness appeared in Julian’s eyes.

However, he saw Oliver’s stern expression and didn’t say anything. Instead, he continued walking
behind them as they headed toward the traditional medicine department.

“Just as I thought, it contains musk.” With Oliver around, the checkup and diagnosis went much faster


The traditional medicine practitioner he contacted was also very experienced. As soon as he came
close to Diana and Julian, he could identify the fragrant scent’s component.

Oliver showed Diana and Julian the doctor’s report. “Musk is what caused Diana’s stomachache.”

Diana nervously tugged on Oliver’s hand when she heard this. She couldn’t care less about the musk.

Oliver instantly realized he had said something wrong.

Hence, he intentionally highlighted something to Julian. “Musk is bad for women during their menstrual


Menstrual cycle?

Clearly, it was bad for the babies.

They really saw Julian as a fool!

Julian noticed every single detail of their behavior, but he couldn’t be bothered to call them out. “Is she
alright now?”

“She’ll be fine. The scent isn’t that strong on the two of you.” If Oliver wasn’t the one who brought Diana

the checkup today, someone else might not have identified anything wrong with this scent. “However,
it’s best if you avoid this scent from now on. It can do a lot of damage.”

“Okay.” Julian then looked at Diana. “Let’s go.”

“Where?” They were just done with the checkup.

Diana didn’t want to go back to the villa.

After all, Kayla was there.

Diana wasn’t expecting Kayla to be so brave and use musk right in front of her.

It seemed her assumption Kayla wouldn’t try to hurt her children was wrong.

She recalled how she provoked Kayla over the last few days. All this made her feel rather afraid.

After all, she wasn’t supposed to draw attention to her pregnancy.

This meant Kayla was concealed in the dark, ready to strike, while Diana was foolishly out in the open.
It was difficult to predict what Kayla would do next, and if Diana could truly protect herself from Kayla’s
wicked plans.

In reality, this time, Kayla had no clue what she had done.

She thought the fragrant moisturizing cream only worked to charm men.

To her surprise, nothing else happened after Julian asked her to take a shower. In fact, he even yelled
at her in front of Diana and left her alone at home.

Kayla couldn’t let this slide without doing anything.

She called Lucy on the phone. “Mom! What do I do now?”

Even Lucy’s fragrant moisturizing cream failed to work.

It seemed there was no possibility of Kayla and Julian progressing to the next stage.

On the contrary, Julian and Diana seemed to care less and less about her presence.

What if he had found out about Diana’s pregnancy? What would happen then? Kayla might never be
able to become a part of the Fulcher family!

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