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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 254

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Chapter 254

Instead, there was a combination of a wheeze and a thump. It sounded like the strong howling wind
during winter. It was full of life. It also reminded Diana of the kind of booming sound one would hear
while diving underwater. She felt an indescribable sense of shock.

Tears instantly filled her eyes.

She was deeply touched by the existence of her babies..

“They’re developing well. You don’t have to worry at all,” the doctor explained kindly.

Diana was still immersed in the moment of listening to her babies‘ heartbeats. She appeared a little
stiffer than usual. After taking a moment to recollect herself, she started speaking. “But why did my
stomach hurt so badly today…?”

“It might be because the babies are growing and pressing against your stomach. It’s normal when you
have twins, and it’s tougher than usual. You might’ve walked too much. You need to be more careful
and rest more during the first three months of your pregnancy,” the doctor said patiently.

Diana nodded. “I’m so glad they’re fine.”

Recently, a new group of maids were hired. Apparently, Julian didn’t like Diana’s sloppy work.

Coincidentally, she could stop working as a nanny. She had plenty of time to rest.

After leaving the ultrasound room, Diana began to worry again. She asked Oliver to take a closer look
at the report. “Are you sure nothing’s wrong?”

Her stomach really did hurt a lot earlier.

“The ultrasound scan looks fine. But what’s this smell?” Oliver was very attentive.

Diana’s eyes went wide. “From my body?” She quickly gave herself a sniff. “Do I stink? Why can’t I
smell anything?”

“No,” Oliver said while frowning. “It’s a very special fragrant scent.”

The two of them destroyed the ultrascan scan. Oliver then swapped someone else’s medical report
with Diana’s and showed it to Julian.

Naturally, Julian knew it was fake. However, he didn’t call them out.

Even if he wanted to call them out, he didn’t know what to say..

Hence, Julian pretended to look through the report as if he really cared. He then looked at Oliver. “Is
there a problem?”

Oliver shook his head. “Nothing’s wrong. She’s perfectly fine.”

That’s great. It meant the twins were growing healthily in Diana’s stomach.

Julian could finally relax.

He sighed quietly before glancing nonchalantly at Diana’s stomach.

“But…” Oliver changed the topic. He suddenly moved closer to Julian. “Why do you have the same


Fragrant scent?

Julian subconsciously recalled the scent on Kayla’s body.

“This won’t do. Diana, you have to come with me to the traditional medicine department,” Oliver said.

Oliver wasn’t an expert in traditional medicine. Thus, he needed to have a professional look into this.

Diana suddenly felt nervous when she heard that she had to see another doctor. “Is something wrong?”

“You two don’t smell right. What perfume are you using?” Oliver asked.

“I don’t know.” Julian’s facial expression turned gloomy, but he cooperated. “The scent on us probably
came from Kayla.”

“This doesn’t smell right.”

Of course, Julian knew that. He even took an antidote specifically for this drug.

However, he was surprised Oliver could detect the scent on them even without seeing Kayla.

At the end of the day, Oliver was a highly capable doctor whose skills couldn’t be questioned.

Diana was right to choose him and Vans to protect her babies.

Oliver pondered for a moment. His deep voice was stern as he said, “I suspect Diana’s stomachache
has something to do with this fragrant scent.”

As soon as Oliver said this, Julian frowned and followed them.


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