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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 252

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Chapter 252

Diana looked at Julian, frightened. He was also standing still. He seemed to be zoning out, and there
was a blank expression on his face.

“Why haven’t you come inside?” Just as Diana was about to speak, Oliver approached them. “Vans is

operating a surgery. I’ll arrange the checkup for you.”

Julian followed him. Diana needed someone trustworthy to make the arrangement for her.

Diana nodded in agreement, but she couldn’t help but feel nervous again. She was afraid Julian would
hold a grudge and start mocking Oliver again.

However, Julian’s attitude was strangely amicable this time around. In fact, he even had a vague smile
when he spoke to Oliver. “Vans already told me. Thanks for the hard work.”

Diana wasn’t the only one who was surprised. Even Oliver was taken aback by Julian’s show of

It’s fine.”

Oliver was still such a sweet gentleman, and he was wonderfully polite as always.

It was as if he and Julian had never been in a fight.

The two of them nodded at each other. However, Oliver still made a move to stop Julian from going
inside. I’ll bring Diana inside.”

Julian stepped forward, but his facial expression gradually turned cold. “Hmm.”

He could tell that Oliver also knew about Diana’s pregnancy. In fact, at some unknown point of time,
Oliver and Vans had become good friends.

At the end of the day, it seemed Julian was the only one left in the dark.

“I’ll come with you.” Julian knew he wasn’t welcome to go with Diana for the checkup, but he insisted
on following her.

As expected, Diana became visibly nervous again.

“Does your stomach not hurt anymore?” Julian asked in a perceptive manner.

Diana was stunned. It was true.

Her stomach really stopped hurting!

Did that mean her babies were safe? Or was there an emergency involving her babies?

Diana shot Oliver a questioning look, still worried. The latter immediately understood what she meant.
“We should get you checked first. I’ll register your profile.”

After saying that, he drew the curtains to the emergency consultation room open and asked Julian to


Julian was used to being treated like a VIP, and he had never been asked to wait like this.

However, he knew that if they did things his way, Diana wouldn’t agree to get herself checked. She
would be terrified.

Julian stood outside the curtain. He recalled how Diana held offl

herself against him. Julian found it funny how she looked like a frightened rabbit.

Diana could vaguely hear him laughing.

However, she thought she was mistaken.

Anyway, it was fine as long as he didn’t barge in. It appeared that he believed today was the start of her
menstrual cycle. “Are you still there?” she asked through the curtain.

“Yeah,” Julian replied.

“Is it also the start of Kayla’s menstrual cycle?” Diana asked.

Why else would he remember it so well?

An unpleasant emotion filled his heart. He suddenly stopped smiling. In fact, his face seemed to have
gone cold once more. “Why do you ask that?”

“Why else…?” Diana could sense the sudden change in his emotion, and quickly stopped herself from
speaking her mind. However, she heard his reply.

“No, she and you are different,” he said.

For a brief moment, Diana thought she had heard wrongly.

Was Kayla and her different?

Did Julian think so?

In that case, why did he treat her as Kayla’s substitute?

Three years.

For three whole years, she failed to ignite the passion within him. He always treated her like someone

But now, he actually said she was different from Kayla.


Their menstrual cycles were different. Diana understood that.

She wouldn’t dare to hope Julian meant something else.

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