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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 250

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Chapter 250

After Kayla returned to the country, Julian kept discovering things about her that constantly bewildered

Specifically, her attitude seemed to have changed a lot from what he could recall.

Kayla didn’t see the contempt in his eyes, but she already knew she had said the wrong thing. Upon
realizing this, she wanted to bite her own tongue off.

She no longer dared to urge him to go to her bedroom with her.

Instead, she looked at him and slowly sat down on the couch.

Meanwhile, Diana’s stomach hurt even more after Kayla got close.

Diana’s frown intensified. Suddenly, she sneezed violently. “Ah–choo!”


Diana couldn’t control it. She kept sneezing on and on.

However, whenever she sneezed, her stomach would hurt even more.

She began to curl up in pain.

In fact, she clearly noticed Julian looking at her, but she still continued curling up.

Her stomach was hurting too much.

She didn’t dare to curl up too much, but there was no other way she could relax her body.

On top of that, she was still sneezing painfully. Julian finally couldn’t sit still any longer. “What’s wrong
with you?”

He glanced at Kayla. “Go somewhere else.”

Even if Kayla had taken a shower, the scent on her body was still too strong.

In fact, the stench was even stronger than before.

Kayla was stunned. She thought she had heard him wrongly. “Julian… A–Are you asking me to leave?”

“Yes!” Julian pointed at a corner far away. “Go there.”

That way, the scent wouldn’t be so strong.

Kayla didn’t want to do it. She wanted to argue, but in the next second, Julian had already picked Diana
up in his arms. “Don’t be afraid. I’ll take you to the hospital right now.”

The hospital?!

Diana suddenly felt that her stomach no longer hurt. “I don’t want to!”

She struggled to set herself free.

However, he tightened his grip around her and kept her in place. In fact, he even placed one hand over
her stomach after they entered the car. “Don’t move,” he instructed.

Of course Diana didn’t dare to move!

In fact, she was petrified.

She couldn’t understand why Julian was placing his hand over her stomach.

That was where their two babies were growing.

Did he find out that the babies were still alive?

Was this the calm before the storm?

Julian was speaking so gently to Diana, and he even yelled at Kayla. Was he treating Diana like a lamb
for slaughter? He was waiting to bring her to the operating room like he did last time…

Suddenly, Diana’s nightmare was repeating itself.

She was shivering. In fact, her forehead was covered in sweat. “Julian…”

“Don’t speak.” He thought she was feeling extremely uncomfortable. All he wanted was for her to
preserve her strength. “Lie still. We’ll reach the hospital very soon.”

His palm was so large.

Diana could feel the warmth through his hand on her stomach. This was something she had imagined
before. She used to picture his hand covering hers.

However, she didn’t feel warm on the inside at all. Instead, her insides were as cold as ice.

Her eyes were filled with fear. “Julian…”

Julian cut her off, his voice cold. “We’ll be there soon.”

His chilling aura made it impossible for Diana to speak again.

All she wanted to do now was to escape.

She was so frightened, the thought of opening the door and jumping out of the car occurred to her.
However, she would truly lose her babies if she did that.

As she laid unwillingly in Julian’s arms, she felt as though the devil himself was coming for her.

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