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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 248

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 248

It wasn’t perfume. It was a fragrant moisturizing cream.

However, she didn’t want to explain too much to Julian.


Julian didn’t say anything about it. However, there was a vague glimmer in his eyes. “Who gave it to

Kayla was stunned. She didn’t expect Julian to be this observant.

He actually could tell that she didn’t buy it herself.

However, she didn’t want to expose her relationship with Lucy. Thus, she lied about who she got it
from.‘ Actually, I bought it myself.”

“Okay.” Julian nodded. He couldn’t help but move a little further away from her.

The driver suddenly made an emergency brake. Julian had yet to stabilize himself in a new position
when he was suddenly flung against Kayla.

The two of them had never been this close before.

It seemed like an intimate moment.

Kayla wasn’t expecting the fragrant moisturizing cream to work so quickly. Julian actually threw himself
against her! Feeling more assured about the mysterious effects of this moisturizing cream, she took the

initiative to lean against his body.

Julian looked at the girl he had liked and treasured for so many years. In this moment, a brief look of
indifference and contempt flashed in his eyes.

Kayla…was seducing him.

What was more, she was using this mysterious perfume to do it.

It had the same smell as the thing Grandma made him drink before.

Although the scent was slightly more concealed this time, Julian had fallen for it once. He wouldn’t
allow himself to repeat the same mistake.

However, the person using it on him this time was Kayla,

Julian felt a wave of emotion that he couldn’t quite explain. He didn’t dislike Kayla, and he wasn’t
particularly shocked. There was merely an element of surprise. After that, he felt sympathy.

He sympathized with Kayla for thinking this way.

However, he didn’t blow her cover.

Instead, he sent Noel a message and asked him to bring the antidote to the villa as soon as possible.
“Fire the current driver while you’re at it.”

There was a pothole on the road earlier, but the driver didn’t avoid it. That was how he and Kayla got
so close.

The Fulchers didn’t need a useless driver.

“Yes, sir.” Noel didn’t ask for the reason and directly carried out the order. “I’ll be arriving at the villa
very soon. Who set you up this time?” Noel stopped and thought for a moment. “Do you want me to
hire someone to look into this?”

“It’s fine,” Julian replied. “Hurry up and bring the antidote to the villa.”

This meant the person who set him up didn’t need to be punished.

Noel quickly understood what he meant. “Alright.”

Indeed, Noel was a fantastic personal assistant. He arrived at the villa with the antidote almost at the

time Julian did.

However, Julian seemed to be doing much better than he imagined. “Sir.”

Julian glanced at Noel, hinting at him not to speak. After that, he turned around and behaved as if
nothing happened. “Kayla, I’m going to the study for a while.”

Kayla thought he had to deal with some work, and didn’t think too much about it. “Okay.”

She looked the same as she did when she was a kid.

Julian felt he was letting down his guard again.

Perhaps he was overthinking about the perfume. Kayla might not even have been aware about it.

Out of habit, he came up with an excuse for her on his own. After taking the antidote, he no longer
worried about the drug’s effect. He was even more forgiving now.

In fact, he did something he rarely did, and that was to urge Kayla to take a shower. “Go take a

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