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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 249

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 249

Kayla’s eyes snapped wide open. She glanced at Julian in disbelief.

He… He actually told her to take a shower.

Was Lucy’s fragrant moisturizing cream so effective?

Was a single sniff enough to drive Julian crazy?

Kayla wasn’t expecting the cream to work so well.

However, now wasn’t the time to overthink. She was far too excited.

In fact, she felt that she might actually be able to use this opportunity to sleep with Julian without him
realizing her tricks… After that, she would be pregnant with his child.

Once that happened, Diana’s pregnancy would no longer be a threat to her.

After all, Kayla and Julian would have their own child. Why would he still care about Diana’s children?

He would definitely treat Diana harshly, just like he did back in the factory.

As a plus, Kayla wouldn’t have to worry about the consequences of doing whatever she wanted to

The more Kayla thought about this, the more delighted she was. After taking a shower, she looked at
the mysterious fragrant moisturizing cream. She applied more on her neck, and even on her wrists and
ankles. The scent was much stronger than before.

She believed this would make it more effective.

Kayla happily chose a long dress and waited quietly on the bed for Julian to come.

However, he didn’t come even after a long time had passed.

Feeling impatient, Kayla went downstairs to check on him.

In the end, she found him sitting on the couch in the living room with Diana.

She immediately got upset, but she tried to not let it show while she quickly approached Julian. “Julian,
I’m done with my shower.”

She sounded very flirty.

Diana clenched her fist tightly. Although she felt awkward, she had to pretend she didn’t hear anything.
She hoped Julian would leave with Kayla as soon as possible.

She hadn’t been feeling well ever since she got home from the office.

There was a constant tight sensation in her stomach, especially after she returned to the villa.

Even walking would cause her discomfort. It was as if someone was tugging at something in her
stomach with a tight string.

Diana feared if anything might happen to her babies. Hence, she didn’t immediately rush back to her
room. Instead, she sat on the couch to catch her breath.

She thought Julian would go upstairs pretty quickly, but he remained on the couch ever since he saw
her returning home.

Just like that, she also lost her opportunity to call Vans.

All she could do was sit on the couch and wait.

The two of them kept quiet next to each other.

Ironically, Kayla’s appearance was akin to Diana’s lifeline.

Even if Diana knew what Kayla meant when she said she had taken a shower, Diana couldn’t care less
what would happen between Kayla and Julian. All Diana hoped was that Kayla would lead Julian away.

That would give Diana the chance to sit on the couch and get her stomach to relax. At the same time,
she would be able to call Vans and ask him about her condition.

To her surprise, it didn’t seem like Julian wanted to leave. He looked at Kayla. “Did you take a shower

Kayla blushed. “Yeah. I’ve been waiting for you upstairs.”

The first thing Julian did was to turn and look at Diana.

However, she wasn’t paying attention to them at all. Her hands…

Her hands were on her stomach, and she was frowning a little.

She seemed to be worried about something.

Was she having a stomachache?

Julian almost blurted out his question, but he recalled that she had intentionally lied to him. In the end,
he kept his mouth shut. He turned to look at Kayla instead. “Are you really done?”

Kayla didn’t understand his words. Her hair was still a little wet.

If Julian paid the slightest bit of attention, it would’ve been obvious.

However, Julian kept asking the same question as if he was trying to put on a show for Diana. Kayla
cooperated with him. “You can check to find out for yourself.”

Julian was stunned.

The disgust in his eyes became even more evident.

What he saw and thought at first were true.

Kayla had already misunderstood him, and now, she was thinking about such inappropriate things. In

she even said something that was beneath her.

This wasn’t the innocent Kayla he used to know.

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