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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 247

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Chapter 247

This perfectly described how Kayla perceived Diana.

Diana couldn’t be bothered to explain things to her so–called sister.

“Think what you want, but I’ll do as the company asks me to. Send me the location and time of the
event when you’re free,” Diana said.

“Stop acting like you’re superior to everyone else!” Kayla clearly believed that Diana intentionally
wanted to be noticed by their superiors. She stared at Diana harshly, as if she was looking at a piece of
trash. “You’ve probably been jealous of me since the day we met in Esteem Creations! God knows how
many days you’ve spent making those drafts just to prove yourself. I wonder why the superiors would
take any interest in your rubbish designs.”

Diana didn’t care what Kayla thought about her, but she didn’t want to hear Kayla insulting her designs.


“As terrible as my designs are, somebody still tried to steal them.” Diana exposed Kayla without
hesitation. Back then, you stole my drafts. I didn’t look into it not because I’m afraid of you, but because
I really thought those were unwanted drafts. Oh, but I understand why you’d think they’re precious. You
just love my hand- me–downs, don’t you? You see, that’s why I don’t consider incompetent designers
like you as a threat. It doesn’t mean I’ll always let things slide, though. You’d better watch your mouth.”

Diana wasn’t holding back at all. Kayla’s cheeks turned red.

“Well then, Miss Winnington. I’ll be leaving if there’s nothing else,” Diana intentionally added.

When Diana addressed Kayla as Miss Winnington, sarcasm dripped from her every syllable.

Kayla couldn’t even utter a single word in response.

She knew full well her skills in design were a joke compared to Diana.

After Diana left the office, Kayla’s gaze became increasingly harsh.

To think Diana had actually ridiculed her!

In the Fulcher family’s villa, Kayla had absolute authority over Diana. However, in the office, even if
Kayla’s position was above Diana’s, Kayla still couldn’t beat her!

To rub salt on the wound, Diana was even named by the superiors to attend the event this time.

The reason was none other than Diana’s impressive talent.

This was something Kayla refused to admit.


Kayla stared at the sender of the email. “Michael Gibson?”

Why did this name seem so familiar?

She quickly opened WhatsApp and asked her female friends about Michael, the man who specifically
asked. for Diana to attend the company event. She then smiled. “It’s actually him!”

He was a despicable man who was also known to be a womanizer.

How fortunate Diana was! Back then, she caught Luke Pabian’s eyes. This time, she drew this man’s

attention all thanks to the designs she had so much pride in.


Before leaving the office, Kayla applied some of the fragrant moisturizing cream on herself.

Everyone’s attention fell on her as soon as she entered the elevator.

“Miss Winnington, what perfume are you using? It’s so special. I can’t get enough of it!”

“Yeah! I feel much better after smelling it.”

“It’s not a big deal.” Kayla smiled. She wasn’t expecting the scent to stir up so much discussion, and
didn’t think much of it. Perhaps Lucy was right. This fragrant moisturizing cream would definitely play
an effective role for what she wanted to happen with Julian.

Kayla was very excited at the thought of Julian changing his mind after taking a whiff of this scent and
wanting to sleep with her right after. “If you like it, I’ll get you each a bottle next time.”

Everyone thanked her and praised her, but Kayla didn’t notice all her male colleagues in the corner
removing their ties and coats. Even then, they still felt warm for some unknown reason.

After she walked away, their body temperature returned to normal.

By then, the scent in the elevator had also dissipated.

Meanwhile, Kayla was already in Julian’s car.

Throughout the drive home, Julian felt incredibly uncomfortable.

Kayla’s perfume was a little too strong for him. During the car ride, he rolled down the windows several
times. Even then, the scent still lingered.

In the end, he couldn’t take it anymore. “Did you use a new perfume today?”

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