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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 246

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Chapter 246

The greatest discovery Kayla made was that Julian still had feelings for Diana.

However, in reality, she had no idea what he thought about the divorce.

After having a discussion with Lucy, Kayla knew one thing for certain. She had to fortify her place in
Julian’s heart to make up for the three years she hadn’t been around.

Lucy had an idea on how Kayla could do that. “The thing that brings a man and a woman together…
It’s simple. Back then, your father and I did the very same thing…‘

However, Kayla sounded hesitant. “But Julian says that I’m precious, and he doesn’t want to do
anything to me before we get married.”

“You’re an idiot!” If Lucy was in front of Kayla, she would’ve knocked Kayla on the head. “That’s what all
men say! If he’s liked you for so many years, don’t you think he’d have thoughts about what he’d want
to do to you?”

“But the way he treats Diana now…” Kayla argued.

“So what? It’s just a tiny bit of feeling. It’s nothing ground–breaking. You can’t admit defeat so soon!”
Suddenly, Lucy sighed. “Honey, why don’t you make a trip home. I’ll give you something. You’ll
understand once you try it out.”

Soon, Kayla got her hands on the thing Lucy mentioned.

It was a tub of moisturizing cream.

“What’s this?” Kayla opened the cap and smelled it. It was fragrant… In fact, it made one feel a little

Lucy was smiling in a mysterious way. “Just smear some on your neck. You’ll find out when the time

Kayla had always trusted her mother. Seeing how Lucy wasn’t willing to explain further, she didn’t press
on. “In that case, I’ll get back to work.”

Lucy couldn’t help but roll her eyes at Kayla. “Look at the time. Are you only going to work now?”

“There’s nothing to worry about. Nobody would say a thing. Julian will stand up for me anyway. Who’d
dare to disrespect me?”

Lucy was so elated that she couldn’t stop smiling. “My daughter’s amazing! Use this moisturizing
cream, and you’ll become even more amazing. Julian won’t be able to take his hands off you!”


In Esteem Creations.

The past two days were peaceful for Diana.

Mainly, it was because Kayla didn’t intentionally cause trouble for her. Besides, Kayla had been coming
in late and leaving early. With Kayla out of the way, other people could hardly stir up any serious

This gave Diana more time to focus on designing outfits for Fanny.

The starry–sky dress brought her a lot of attention, but at the same time, it also placed limitations on

It was difficult for Diana to come up with new innovations, as that dress contained


Apart from working her day job, this was something Diana had been pondering over the last few days.
However, she still couldn’t come up with a design she was pleased with.

Although the drafts she created weren’t bad, they didn’t suit Fanny’s vibe.

Diana didn’t take it to heart. She printed them out and casually left them on her desk.

To her surprise, the manager happened to drop by for an inspection. His eyes lit up the moment he saw
Diana’s drafts. “Did you create these designs?”

Diana chuckled, embarrassed. “Yeah, but they didn’t come out too well. There are still improvements to


“This is pretty good already.” The manager glanced at Diana’s badge. “Did you just join Esteem


“Keep it up.” The manager looked Diana up and down before leaving with a group of people.

Diana didn’t allow her thoughts to linger on this incident, but Kayla soon summoned her for a meeting.

The main topic of discussion involved how Diana’s casual drafts were seen by superiors in the
company. They believed Diana was talented, and there was an event that required a designer’s
presence. Hence, they specifically requested Diana to take part in it..

“An event that requires a designer’s presence?” Diana was confused. “I didn’t know this was part of my
job as a designer.

“Of course. This is part of every company,” Kayla shot back sarcastically. “If you didn’t want to go, you
shouldn’t have intentionally left those designs on your desk.”

Diana wasn’t expecting Kayla to think like this. “I didn’t mean for those designs…”

“Save it!” Kayla waved dismissively. “You managed to make your way to Richburgh from the
countryside and even marry Julian. I never doubted your abilities. I just didn’t think you’d be able to
make such quick progress at work too. The superiors even specifically named you. I’m impressed.”

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