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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 243

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Chapter 243

Diana didn’t ask the question on purpose.

She only felt the urge to sigh and complain, but she didn’t realize she had said it out loud.

However, this happened to be an issue all three of them were concerned with.

At that, Julian fell silent.

However, he never once took his eyes off her. There was a mysterious quality to him that made it
impossible to tell how he was feeling.

The temperature in the dining room seemed to have dropped significantly.

Meanwhile, Kayla already stopped eating. She was looking at Julian expectantly.

She wanted to hear about the progress, too.

She couldn’t keep staying in the Fulcher villa like this. Famous women in her social circle used to envy
her for having moved in with the Fulchers, but now, there were rumors that Kayla wouldn’t stop bugging
Julian. This wasn’t good for her reputation.

Meanwhile, Diana felt a little awkward over her accidental blunder. “Uh… I didn’t mean to say that.”

The more she tried to explain, the worse it became.

If she didn’t mean to say that, it meant she felt so strongly about it that she blurted it out

Julian thought about her divorce plan, and raised his eyebrows. “Why do you insist on getting divorced
so close to the new year?”

Burp! Diana didn’t respond to the question, but she had a biological reaction from being surprised.

She knew she wasn’t supposed to bring up such a sensitive topic in front of Kayla.

Her words made it seem as if Julian was the one who wanted to postpone the divorce. That wouldn’t
bode well for his relationship with Kayla.

Hence, Julian mentioned a specific date to make it seem as if Diana was the one who wanted to drag


Diana had no idea he had seen her divorce plan. “I never said it had to be close to the new year. The
earlier we get divorced, the better. It’s kind of awkward that all three of us are living under the same

She glanced at Kayla. “Besides… I just want to make things right for my little sister.”

In the morning, Diana expressed her dissatisfaction toward Kayla and claimed Kayla had made things

Now, she was addressing Kayla as her little sister.

It seemed she was a woman who would do anything to get what she wanted.

Julian looked at Diana. The chill in his



Diana, for her part, thought she was already being very humble in front of Kayla. Was Julian still not

The way he stared at her made her more and more uncomfortable. “When exactly can we get
divorced?” she asked again.

Right now, she was practically forcing him to give her an answer!

“Have you thought about Grandma?” Julian didn’t answer her, but he instead asked her a question in

Diana was stunned.


“Of course.”

If she hadn’t thought about Grandma, she would have gotten the divorce papers at the Civil Affairs
Bureau the other day. They wouldn’t have needed to wait until today.

However, Julian smirked at her. “I don’t think so.”

If Diana really did care about Grandma, why was she desperate to keep her pregnancy a secret when
she knew Grandma wanted great–grandchildren? Why didn’t she say anything?

“Your thoughts belong to you. They have nothing to do with me.”

Diana was used to the way Julian cruelly picked on her every fault. “Anyway, getting divorced is only a
matter of time.” She glanced at Kayla before turning to face Julian. “If you put your heart to it, we’ll be

able to get divorced sooner.”

Kayla suddenly felt nervous.

Initially, she was wary of Diana’s warning that Julian didn’t want the divorce. However, Julian had been
good to her as usual, so she stopped worrying for a while.

Now that Diana had brought it up again, alarms sounded once again in Kayla’s head. She couldn’t
resist asking Julian about the divorce. “Julian, let’s not make Diana worry. Why don’t you tell her the

“I’m still dealing with the people Grandma hired to keep an eye on us,” Julian said. Kayla’s prompt
worked better, because he very quickly addressed the question. “As for the exact timing…” He trailed
off before glancing at Diana.

“It’s hard to say. It might be a little difficult to get divorced when it’s close to the new year,” he added.

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