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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 242

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Chapter 242

Diana was planning to leave with his children.

And so, these days, he was finding every petty reason he could to blame her.

Diana wasn’t thinking about how that would affect her children. All she felt was grave disappointment.

The man before her no longer seemed like the person she knew. She wiped her tears away and spoke
in a hoarse voice, “If I’m a liar, then you’re one too. In fact, you’ve lied to me for three years! You said
you loved me, but you never did. You’re the real liar!”

Julian was stunned.

However, he wasn’t sure it was because of how Diana lost her composure, or the fact that her words
confused him.

By then, Diana had already removed her apron. “You can hire someone else to replace me. I quit.”

Diana had hurt her hands several times over the past few days because she was cooking.

Sometimes, she would even get splashed by the oil and get blisters.

However, she had never once complained about it.

Each time, she would remind herself that she would be able to quietly leave with her babies once she
and Julian were divorced.

However, she didn’t think she could hold on any longer.

Julian was hurting her far too much.

She needed some time to return to her room and tend to her wounds. After that…

She would continue waiting.

She would wait for further developments regarding their divorce.

To her surprise, Julian stood in her way. “If other people see you like this, they might think I’m bullying

He forcefully dragged her back to the dining table. “Finish your food before you go up.

After saying that, he asked someone to bring the food he had ordered. He then pointed at the two other
dishes Diana prepared. “Take these away.”

The food he ordered was more suitable for a pregnant woman.

Although Diana ate, she didn’t enjoy it at all.

During her stay in the Fulcher villa, she had been completely stripped of freedom and dignity.

In fact, whether she could eat at the dining table also depended on Julian’s mood.

She couldn’t even taste the food she put so much effort into preparing before he asked someone to
take them


Since she was in a bad mood, the food was tasteless.

She didn’t even know how the meal ended.

Diana didn’t know when this started, but sitting down with Julian for a meal was nothing more than a
horrible punishment to her.

She didn’t want to see him the slightest.

“Does it taste good?” Julian asked Kayla.

“It’s pretty good,” Kayla replied. Foodie’s Haven was a Chinese restaurant in Richburgh that had a
Michelin certification. As soon as Kayla took the first bite, she could identify the restaurant immediately.

To Kayla, the taste was secondary.

The price of the food itself was what made it stand out.

It was also the reason Kayla liked it.

Hence, Kayla didn’t think it was only good. She thought it was fantastic.

In fact, if Julian wasn’t around, she would have taken photos and posted them on her social media.
After all, not everyone could order from Foodie’s Haven and have their food delivered right on their

Kayla reveled in the especial treatment.

For that reason, she barely paid any attention to Diana.

Having been with Julian for the past three years, Diana knew how capable he was. She also knew that
everyone in Richburgh supported him. Naturally, he wouldn’t order from ordinary restaurants.

However, Julian was still unused to being the center of attention. To add, he never showed off his
wealth or


Besides, she was in a bad mood now. Regardless of where the food was from, she wouldn’t have an

for it.

There was neither respect nor love for her in this cold residence. She would have enjoyed her simple–

dishes far more than these.

Even so, Julian wasn’t giving her a chance to choose. He ignored her efforts, not sparing a glance to


This was something the old Julian, who was always considerate of her, would never do.

The thought plunged Diana into depression and hopelessness.

She sighed, mournful. Suddenly, she blurted out, “When can we get divorced?”

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