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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 240

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 240

However, Diana had enough guts to rope Vans into working together to lie to him. If so, why didn’t she
value her body and health more?

She hadn’t said a word of complaint when he told her to be a nanny.

Wasn’t she afraid of any accidents that would harm the babies happening during her work?

She even continued her work at Esteem Creation. Did she have no fear that something would happen?

Did she not care because it was his children she was carrying? Was it because it was his children that
she let nature dictate whether they lived or otherwise?

Julian’s eyes turned cold at the thought. Immediately, he got up and exited the study. Striding down the
hall, he stopped at Diana’s door and knocked. He stood rigidly before her door, like an ice sculpture, as
he waited for a response.

still Diana hadn’t expected Julian to come looking for her, but she still stepped out obediently. She was
wearing her sportswear and had rolled up her sleeves, as if she was ready for any task he threw at her.

“What do you need me to do?”

She had been through a traumatic experience just now, but now that she had gradually calmed down,
she was obviously unhappy on the inside.

Julian saw her pursed lips and slightly furrowed brows, which indicated she was angry. However, anger
was not the emotion he would place with how her lips were downturn.

She was sulking.

He gave her a sideways glance, revealing his sharp jawline. Ultimately, he didn’t expose her mood and
only said, “Go and have breakfast.”

In fact, Diana had already eaten some snacks in her room. Because of Kayla’s deliberate pickiness
regarding food, Diana couldn’t have a proper meal. When she heard him say breakfast, she could feel
the hunger in her resurfacing.

“I haven’t made any,” Diana answered honestly.

This stupid woman!

Julian wanted to pinch his nose. Obviously, food was already prepared if he had come here personally
to call her to eat! Why was she still dwelling on the issue of having to cook?

He used to think she was smart, but it seemed like there was a limit to her intelligence that he didn’t

was there.

Would their children inherit this from her?

D*mn it!

Why did he keep thinking about the two babies? Even if they were his, Kayla wasn’t the one giving birth


How long could he tolerate this? He himself didn’t know. But right now, he wanted to keep them both
alive. He would take his time to think about how exactly he would deal with this matter later.

“Just hurry up and go,” Julian growled.

His tone was fierce, and it sounded as if he was about to eat someone if his orders weren’t obeyed. His
impressive height of six feet was intimidating enough as it was. Diana couldn’t refute his words under
this pressure, even if she wanted to.

Finally, she nodded. “Okay.”

It was only after arriving at the kitchen that she recalled she hadn’t asked Julian what he wanted to eat.
She caught sight of a covered plate, and lifted the cover to find a sandwich on the plate.

It looked like the beef and vegetable sandwich she had recently favored, which was full of protein but
not fats.

Still, the sandwich was likely not for her.

Diana didn’t want to touch the food for fear that Julian and Kayla would pick on her about it later. Thus,
she chose to make something for herself.

However, she didn’t make Julian’s share.

He probably didn’t like her cooking and had already eaten with Kayla. This sandwich was probably an
extra that had been returned to the kitchen, waiting for someone to trash it.

Diana had enough smarts to put the sandwich elsewhere. She fired up the stove to make herself the
exact same thing.

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