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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 239

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 239

Kayla saw through Mr. Carter’s thoughts. At the same time, she thought it was ridiculous how he had
rejected her jade piece before.

As she had expected, no one could escape the temptation of money and treasures.

Unless, of course, the temptation needed to be something better.

Regardless, it would be good for her if Mr. Carter accepted this pen holder. It would make it much
easier to

use him in the future.

“You’ve worked hard to care for Julian and me,” Kayla said, placing the pen holder in a brocade box.
She made sure to use flattering words as she baited him. “As long as you do your best, there’ll be more
where this came from.”

“I’m only doing what’s expected of me,” Mr. Carter replied. He faltered several times, but ultimately, he
took the box in his hand. “The people you asked me to arrange for… Should I have them come in for

Kayla’s smile deepened. “Sure.”

She needed to have eyes in the villa. Once she became Mrs. Fulcher, she would make the villa her
own. She would then see if any other woman dared to step in here!

Julian could only be hers, and only hers!


Kayla suddenly thought of something. “If we arrange for people to come in, that means someone will
take over the cleaning and kitchen duties. Did Julian say anything about Diana’s status in this house?”

Mr. Carter was stunned at the sudden change in topic, but he quickly recovered and replied, “He didn’t,
but I think he’s disgusted with her work. It’s mainly because of the sandwich that hurt you. He wasn’t
happy about it, so he quickly arranged for someone to take over the work.”

Kayla was delighted to hear that. “Yes, that sounds about right. He even cooked for me personally

Mr. Carter was surprised. “Has he not cooked you breakfast before?”

Kayla shook her head. “No.”

Before she moved into the villa, they rarely spent mornings together.

“But I often eat lunch and dinner that he cooked.”

Watching such a noble man cook for her was simply an art. A trace of embarrassment appeared on
Kayla’s face as she continued, “I have a sensitive stomach, and Julian is very attentive.”

Mr. Carter let out a relieved sigh when she finished speaking, feeling like things were normal after that
explanation. “He used to make Diana breakfast every morning.”

Before Kayla arrived, Julian had pampered Diana to the world’s end.

“But all of that is thanks to you,” Mr. Carter added with a smile. “Without you, she wouldn’t have won his
favor. She was your substitute, after all.”

Though he said that, only Kayla knew the truth..

Between her and Diana, it was no longer clear exactly who was a substitute for who.

Kayla and Julian’s relationship started only because of him getting saved from the jaws of death when

was a child. However, his true savior was Diana, who Kayla looked like. Still, Lucy had been right to
say that Diana didn’t have any luck. When Julian searched for his savior, he found Kayla instead.


“You’re absolutely right. I know best what Julian feels for Diana. Once their divorce is finalized, Diana
will disappear from our lives.”

Kayla never wanted to see Diana ever again!

Meanwhile, Julian wondered if Diana had eaten breakfast. He sat in his study, questions filling his

After all, it was his children that she was carrying.

When he thought of this, the harsh words he had said previously seemed to become ashes and
scattered into

the wind.

Julian couldn’t do anything to his own children, even if he wanted to. Even before discovering the truth,
he often recalled what happened in the operating theater back then.

It was true he had been overwhelmed with rage upon discovering Diana’s supposed affair with Oliver,
but that didn’t mean he felt better after forcing Diana into the operating theater.

And now… Not only were the children fine, but they were actually his!

He wasn’t sure if he should feel joy or sorrow. He was so confused, he couldn’t sort and figure out his
true thoughts.

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