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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 238

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 238

Julian couldn’t stop himself from thinking about the babies in Diana’s belly again. His expression
softened a few notches as his heart eased. However, Diana had already gotten up and gone upstairs
when he returned to

his senses.

Julian was left alone to watch her retreating back.

Kayla, who had watched the scene unfold without a word, felt the arrogance in her heart vanish
completely. Her mind was still replaying the image of Julian rushing forward to save Diana.

The panic and care on his face was definitely not fake.

What if… What if he really knew that the babies in Diana’s belly were actually his? If so, dealing with
this situation would be even more difficult.

No, this wouldn’t do!

Kayle clenched her fist tightly, recalling James’s expectation of her. She would only have a bright future
if she clung tightly to Julian.

How was she supposed to deal with Diana’s babies and make the latter miscarry?

As for the divorce, it seemed like she would need to push the issue even more.

Diana’s words about how it was Julian who refused to finalize the divorce was getting on her nerves.
Perhaps it was time for Kayla to emphasize her presence before Julian.

“Ouch!” Kayla suddenly exclaimed.

Julian turned immediately. “What’s wrong?”

Kayla grabbed a tissue and covered her mouth. “I think there’s something in the sandwich Diana
made… It hurt my teeth…‘


Actually, there was nothing. Kayla simply wanted Julian’s attention back on her. Sure enough, Julian
rushed over with an anxious look. “Let me see.”

“I’m fine.”

Even though she said that, Kayla had an awkward and pained expression. “I’m going to the bathroom
to deal

with it.”


Julian stood in the same spot with a sullen look as he waited for Kayla to return. After a while, Kayla
exited the bathroom and confirmed that no harm had been done. Julian simply said, “I won’t let this
happen again.”

Kayla rejoiced inwardly, but she was quick to put on a pitiful look. “Julian… Don’t blame Diana, okay?”

Julian remained silent, but his face was gloomy. He personally cooked some food for Kayla before
calling Mr. Carter to his study.

“What’s the status of the task I gave you before?”

A touch of guilt entered Mr. Carter’s eyes, but it was gone as quickly as it came as he answered, “I’ve

Chapter 238

found the suitable people. Would you like them to start work immediately?”

“Yes,” Julian said, tapping his fingers on the table. “Diana isn’t capable as a nanny. Hiring
professionals. would make Kayla’s life here much more comfortable.”

Mr. Carter couldn’t help but sigh in relief when he heard that. Julian really was more interested in Kayla
than Diana, as his words only held concern for Kayla.

Now all that was left was Diana, the eyesore. Mr. Carter sincerely hoped they would divorce soon and
put him

out of this misery.

“Go,” Julian ordered. “Make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible.”

Mr. Carter nodded and left the study. As soon as he was out of the door, he saw Kayla sitting in the


She ate elegantly, with her back straight and looking well–groomed in every way. If she sat beside
Julian, it would be even more pleasing to the eye.

This was a woman worthy of being Mrs. Fulcher; not like Diana, who was always clinging to Julian.

The two of them even cuddled in front of others in the villa! How unsightly!

Mr. Carter couldn’t help but blush with shame when he recalled the memory.

When Kayla saw him coming, she nodded hastily and asked, “What did Julian say to you?”

Mr. Carter smiled and repeated what Julian had said to him. “The master is a man of little words. If it
weren’t for you, I’m afraid he wouldn’t speak so much to a mere butler like me.”

The words were filled with respect, and Kayla was instantly flattered. She pulled out a pen from an
antique collection she had recently received from James. “This is for you. I’ll still have to trouble you for
many things

in the future.”

Mr. Carter’s eyes widened slightly. Over the years of working for the Fulchers, he was never short on

However, he was also knowledgeable about goods.

The pen Kayla held out to him had high craftsmanship and value. On top of that, it was carved from
jade. Even the nib was obviously made of high–quality material; Mr. Carter could see the distinctive
luster at a


This time, it was really hard to refuse her gift.

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