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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 237

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Chapter 237

If only Diana had put her feet down before trying to rush up the stairs, this wouldn’t have happened.

If only… If only she had held onto the railing with both hands when she climbed up. Then, this stupid
thing wouldn’t have happened.

She had fought so hard to protect her babies, yet now, they were going to die because of her foolish


No, maybe not wholly because of her own carelessness. She had been distracted by Julian’s show of
affection toward Kayla.

Diana wanted to slap herself silly.

What the hell was she doing?!

Why did she still have lingering love for Julian even after the horrible way he had mistreated her?

Despite that, she knew that her feelings for Julian had become as natural as breathing. To ask her to
ignore it completely was impossible for her…

However, the consequences of her weakness would be the reason for her babies‘ death.

They were still so little!

Tears instantly flowed out of Diana’s eyes. Motherly instinct screamed at her, and she cried
desperately, Help! Help me!”

Even as she screamed, she felt the floor fast approaching her head. Immediately after, her body felt

She couldn’t hold it in anymore.

However, she clearly saw Julian standing still at the same place he had been. Bitter disappointment
washed over her. It seemed even in a life–or–death situation, he couldn’t care less about her.

What’s more, he might only see it as a simple fall down the stairs.

He would never love her the same way he did in the past.

Diana closed her eyes in despair as the thoughts ran through her mind. Suddenly…


She fell into a firm and strong embrace.

Diana’s eyes snapped open to meet Kayla’s wide, astonished ones. No one had seen how fast Julian

moved to reach Diana.

As he held her tightly in his arms, Julian himself couldn’t explain the sudden force that had broken out
when he lunged forward almost instantly the moment he saw Diana fall.

The momentarily loss of control upset him, and his eyes hardened. Though his body was warm as he
held Diana, his impression made it seem that she was in the hands of an ice sculpture.

He lowered his head and said, “I don’t want anyone dying in my villa. It’s bad luck.”

Diana froze at his words. Any warmth in her heart for Julian catching her vanished in an instant.

She already knew he wasn’t kind, but in the end, he still saved her and her babies‘ lives.

“Thank you,” Diana rasped. Her voice was tinged with the joy of being alive after a narrow brush with
death. There was a small trace of politeness in it as well as she tried to distance herself from Julian.

It made Julian recall her plans for divorce, and he snapped coldly, “If you want to die, don’t die while
you’re in the Fulcher family. Think about how it’d look if word got out.”

Diana was speechless.

Having been cursed out by him, the gratitude she had for him evaporated. She looked at him blankly
and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Fulcher. I won’t trouble the Fulcher family until the day I die.”

She was so stubborn!

Julian had obviously saved her, but she wasn’t even happy about it!

He could see how she had the guts to lie to him with Vans.

At this point, Julian was increasingly convinced that everything Vans said was true.

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