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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 235

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 235

Julian felt like his eyes would pop out of their sockets. Everything Vans said was too much for him to

The entire night till dawn, Julian didn’t react to the shock. According to what Vans had said in his
drunken haze, he and Diana had teamed up and acted the way they did to save the child in Diana’s

To top it off, the child wasn’t Oliver’s; it was his!

And… It wasn’t one, but two babies! Identical twins, at that.

This meant he would be the father to a pair of twins.

Julian felt like his head was going to explode every time he thought about this unexpected revelation.

He was both shocked and joyful at the news… But there was also anger; a raging fury that boiled
beneath his


Why hadn’t Diana told him about something so important?

As soon as the thought appeared in his mind, he deflated instantly, just like a punctured balloon.

Obviously, he knew the reason.

It was all because of what he had said back then.

Julian directly refuted the possibility that Diana might be pregnant in front of Luke. To make matters
worse, he claimed he would never allow her to carry his child, much less let her give birth to them. He
had said everything in the harshest way possible.

Diana must have become guarded around him from then on. There was also the fact that he had forced
her into the operating theater without regard for her feelings.

His actions must have disappointed her greatly, hence her insistence on preventing Vans from telling

the truth.

No one expected Julian to actually see through Vans.

Yet now that he knew the truth, his usual ruthless and decisive self was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly,
he lost all courage and lay still on the bed, like a corpse.

He couldn’t figure out what he was feeling right now. Everything was messed up.

Vans’s rambling words from his drunken confession last night echoed in Julian’s mind.

“You have to be good to Diana, okay? She had it rough, and she even wants to raise the two babies
alone! But it’s not easy raising one kid, much less two! Oh, I can’t bear to think about how you’ll be
separated from your children, but if you don’t love her… Let her go, Julian. She was brave enough to
put up an act with me in front of you, just to protect the children in her belly… I feel that she’ll be a
wonderful mother. You also…have to think about…your beloved Kayla… You know?”

After that, Vans grew more delirious as the night went on. He slurred his words to the point they were
completely incomprehensible.

Julian didn’t remember how he had answered his friend. He only recalled how tight his heart had

after listening to Vans’s words.

Did he really want to let Diana go?

It didn’t seem so.

Especially after they had talked about divorce; suddenly, there were more obstacles to deal with. What
was more, his reluctance and the strange emotions whirling inside him only became stronger.

And then, there were the two babies…

Was he willing to part with his own flesh and blood?

Vans had told him they were identical twins; they would either be two adorable little girls who would
steal everyone’s hearts, or two naughty little brats.

Julian even began to imagine what they would look like. But then he suddenly thought of Kayla, and he
gradually calmed down.

Did Diana plan on using the babies to tie him down?


He would never be swayed by the fact that she was pregnant.

The clock ticked slowly as time passed. Around eight in the morning, Julian was still lying in bed; a rare

Then, Vans’s call came in.

“Hey,” Julian answered casually.

Vans’s voice was still heavily tinged with the aftereffects of his hangover, but there was also a hint of
caution in it as he asked, “Julian… I didn’t blab any nonsense last night, did I?”

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