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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 233

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 233

If Julian hadn’t done that, they wouldn’t be in this situation. Kayla wouldn’t go through this hardship
because of their status!

Julian was torturing Diana just to make Kayla feel better.

Diana understood all this, but the only thing she could do now was to keep herself and her babies safe
amidst Julian’s deliberate attempts to make things difficult for her.

As for how much pain this man had put her through… That wasn’t important anymore.

Diana bit her lip harshly, ignoring Julian’s taunting words.

If she didn’t respond, she could pretend that his words didn’t hurt her, and her heart would feel lighter.

When Julian saw how she looked, he couldn’t help but want to mock her even more. He wanted to see
how long Diana would hold out before personally telling him that she didn’t want a divorce.

But with nothing else to do at the moment, Julian glanced around and saw Diana’s computer on the
couch. The screen was on, and the background display was of chrysanthemum flowers which looked
exactly like the

ones in his room.

Perhaps it was a picture she had just taken.

Julian couldn’t help but get closer to the computer. With a touch, he accidentally caught sight of a


…Divorce plan?

Narrowing his eyes, Julian tapped on the document to open it. The full title of the document appeared
before his eyes instantly. Scanning it briefly, he saw that it read ‘divorce plan to be finished before new

Julian’s eyes hardened, a cold glint flashing in them as he opened the document and looked at the
content. The document only held one word–patience.


So Diana wasn’t laying low and being obedient these days because she wanted to please him, or for
the divorce… But it was so that their divorce could be finalized as soon as possible?!

Instantly, all the joy and arrogance in him vanished. Only endless anger remained in his heart.

This blasted woman… How could she be so two–faced?!

On the surface, it seemed as if she was eager to please him. She even sent him flowers! But in her
heart, was planning on ways to stay away from him.

The fury spread through his veins, and it seemed to reach the limit…


He slammed the computer shut.

With a dark expression, he turned to leave the living room.


Clapier! ZJJ

Just then, Diana returned with his coffee. She held it out to him and said, “Here, your coffee.”

Julian gave

Diana froze.

her a sharp look, pretending not to hear her, and stalked off.

What was wrong with him now?

What a moody jerk!

Rolling her eyes, she placed the cup on the table and didn’t bother running after him. When she
returned to the couch to pick up her laptop to work on her design, she noticed it wasn’t in the original
spot she had left it.

Had Julian touched her laptop?

She shook her head, thinking it to be impossible. Julian wasn’t such an idle person to do such a
mindless thing. Regardless, she checked her screen. As nothing was missing, she quickly dismissed
the issue.

Unbeknownst to her, there was already a storm brewing in Julian’s heart. He couldn’t figure out why
Diana had made that so–called plan and only wrote one word repeatedly in the entire document.

Was she so desperate to divorce him?

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. So, he grabbed his coat and left through the door.

Forget it! Calling Vans out for a drink would be better than thinking about this.

Later, the both of them had drunk enough that everything in their vision was swimming haphazardly.

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