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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 234

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Chapter 234

Whenever Vans saw Julian, hesitation would arise in his heart as he would think about the babies.

of how Julian’s relationship with Diana was, Vans wanted to let his good friend know the truth. At the
very least, he wanted Julian to have a choice.

To Vans, Julian’s insistence on forcing Diana to abort the baby was because thought it was Oliver’s.

Julian was simply jealous.

Once he knew the children were his, perhaps… Perhaps he would change his mind.

But if…if, as Diana said, Julian couldn’t tolerate any woman other than Kayla having his child, what
would happen to the babies in Diana’s belly?

Recently, such thoughts would pop into Vans’s mind whenever he saw Julian. His heart would be torn
in different directions.

And Julian could obviously tell something was wrong with his friend.

“The last two times we met, you look like you have something to tell me,” Julian said as he refilled his

Vans froze and tried to deny it, but Julian kept on pressing.

“Here, drink up first.”

There were too many things on Vans’s mind, and he failed to notice that Julian’s eyes were clearing up
as time passed. Vans only cared about venting his frustration through drinking, so he readily accepted

the glass.


The two continued drinking, and soon, they had finished two more bottles of whiskey. By then, Vans’s
face had turned completely red.

As a doctor, Vans was always on an emergency call. He also had low high alcohol tolerance, so he
usually drank very little when they went out.

However, Julian had noticed something very wrong with him in the past two times they met. Thus, he
came up with the idea to drink with Vans. Vans didn’t have his guard up around Julian, and he had
been fooled into drinking much more than usual. He was drunk to the point his face was plastered on
the table; he couldn’t even open his eyes.

“Wake up,” Julian said, patting Vans’s face.

But Vans was as drunk as one could be, and Julian was even more certain than ever that his friend
was hiding something from him–something related to him.

What was it?

Julian was never interested in wasting time trying to figure out what others were thinking. When he
couldn’t guess, he preferred more direct means.

He gently patted Vans’s face so the other man could sober up, and demanded sharply, “Tell me, what
exactly are you hiding from me?”

Vans felt the world around him spinning, like hundreds of horses were trampling around merrily in his
brain. Suddenly, there were many Julians in front of him. He choked as he tried to focus on Julian’s

features. This was his good friend, one that he grew up with; and yet, he was helping others hide the
fact that Julian had children…

“I’m sorry,” Vans blurted out, gasping for breath as his heart constricted from the guilt gnawing on him.
I’m so sorry, Julian.”

What had Vans done to the point that he needed to apologize?

Laughter flooded Julian’s eyes, and he said, “It’s okay. Just tell me what you did. There’s no need for
apologies once you tell me.”

His voice was gentle; it sounded alluring and carried a hint of compulsion. “It doesn’t matter what it is.
I’ll always forgive you.”

Tears gathered in Vans’s eyes. Just like when they were younger, Vans reached out to hug Julian and
said through his tears, “J–Julian… You’re always such a good man…!”

It really felt like the world had been suffocating these days.

Julian continued along the same lines and asked again, “So tell me, what exactly have you hidden from

“It’s nothing, really. Just…” Vans’s eyes brightened up suddenly. “You’re going to be a father!”

Julian stiffened at Vans’s unexpected words. There was a roaring in his ears, and he suddenly found it
difficult to move.

“And…you’ll have…two!” Vans said, grinning widely as he thumped his chest. “And… It’s all…because
of me!”

Julian couldn’t help but feel amused, despite the jarring situation. “What does me being a father have
anything to do with you?”

Vans froze, and guilt flashed in his eyes. “I–I lied to you… That day, at the operating theater… Diana
and I both lied to you.”

The operating theater?

Vans and Diana had worked together to lie to him?

Julian’s eyes were wide, filled with disbelief. When he next spoke, his voice was ice. “You mean, you
saved the fetus on Diana’s belly?!”

Vans nodded. “Yes… It’s your flesh and blood, after all. I just…couldn’t do it…! Julian, I couldn’t… They
also… became two…instead of just one!”

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