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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 231

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Chapter 231

Kayla had a point, so Mr. Carter nodded in agreement. “I’ll try to be as stealthy as possible so that he
doesn’t find out.”

That would be best.

Kayla pulled out a jade piece and placed it in Mr. Carter’s hand. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Mr. Carter refused to take it. “I appreciate your kindness, but after working so many years for the
Fulcher family, I have no need for this.”

The reason he disliked Diana had nothing to do with the favors he was doing for Kayla. He simply felt
that Diana wasn’t good enough for Julian, and his sincere wish was for Julian to have a better life. It
was why he was helping Kayla.

“I don’t mean to discredit your sincerity,” Kayla said humbly. “If you dislike these mundane items, I’ll
prepare something else for you next time.”

“I’m happy as long as you and the master are happy,” Mr. Carter said, waving his hand dismissively.

Even though it was true, Kayla was confused by Mr. Carter’s attitude. Contempt filled her eyes as she
watched Mr. Carter’s retreating back. Were there any servants in this world who didn’t want money?

He probably didn’t accept it because he felt the jade piece wasn’t good enough for him. However, Mr.
Carter was a butler that had been with the Fulcher family for a long time and an essential element for
her to become Mrs. Fulcher. Thus, it was necessary to maintain a good relationship with him.

With that thought in mind, Kayla called her father James and requested him to help her find better–
quality jade pieces or something similar. When the time comes, she would use it to maintain her

relationship with

Mr. Carter.

After agreeing, James asked Kayla about her progress with Julian. He was delighted to hear about
Diana becoming a mere nanny. He immediately praised Kayla, gushing, “You’re better than her, as
always. It’s only been a few days, and you’ve pushed her into a corner!”

With how things were going, it would only be a matter of time before Kayla joined the Fulcher family. It
seemed his gamble of betting all his cards on Kayla was right.

James couldn’t help but fantasize about the future when Diana would be driven out while Kayla and
Julian would be married. He would appear at social gatherings bearing the title of father–in–law to the
Fulcher family. He could already imagine all the compliments he would get! The Winningtons‘
reputation would rise to greater heights; nothing could sound more wonderful!

The more the father–daughter chatted, the more excited they became. In the end, Kayla simply entered
her room and started a video call with James to discuss the future.

They agreed that everything would be fine as long as Diana divorced Julian completely and left right

As for the baby in Diana’s belly… Diana couldn’t be allowed to give birth!

At the same moment, Diana was downstairs, her computer in her arms.

She didn’t actually feel tired from the manual labor she was forced to do that day. Cleaning the house
was mindless work, but it was cumbersome and time–consuming. After finishing up, she could even
feel a

comfortable sore from stretching her muscles.

Because of that, Diana grabbed her computer and went downstairs. Enjoying the autumn breeze and
chrysanthemum flowers in bloom, she thought about her incomplete design back at Esteem Creation.
This was the deal she had with Fanny when she first joined the company, and she hadn’t produced this
month’s design yet.

Diana leaned back on the couch, staring into the garden in a daze.

The maid’s outfit accentuated her figure even more than usual; it was different than her usual style of

Julian’s throat bobbed as he swallowed harshly.

Sensing someone beside her, Diana looked up and instantly straightened up when she saw him,
fearing that her stomach would give away the fact that she was pregnant.

However, her action inevitably pleased Julian as his eyes darkened. It seemed he was right, and Diana
didn’t want to divorce him now.

It must be why she sent him the chrysanthemums to express her feelings in secret, and why she was
staring so absent–mindedly at the same flowers in the garden. She seemed like she was in a daze, but
she was actually thinking about him in her heart, wasn’t she?

Even now, Diana was playing hard to get after seeing him. Right?

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