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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 229

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Chapter 229

Before Julian’s lips could curl into a smile, he cleared his throat loudly. His sudden action startled
Diana, who dropped the spoon into the pot from shock.

“What is it now?” Diana asked, annoyed. She turned around, only to see Julian’s expression as black
as the bottom of a burnt pot..

“It’s nothing. You can eat once you’re done cooking, but don’t serve it yet,” Julian said, his voice hard.”
Kayla wouldn’t be happy if you did.”

After saying that, he left.

Mr. Carter saw Julian’s eyes closed tightly as he exited the kitchen, his handsome features crinkled
together, and asked nervously, “Sir, do your eyes feel uncomfortable?”

In truth, Julian was annoyed with himself for saying those things earlier. Without realizing it, he blurted
out, “Yes. My eyes hurt from looking at that ugly thing in the kitchen.”

Diana heard his words from inside the kitchen, and was confused. If Julian said she was ugly, wasn’t
he calling Kayla ugly as well?

After all, the two sisters looked very much alike.

Apparently, Julian also realized his blunder. He immediately added, “I really don’t know why I mistook
Diana for Kayla and kept her by my side for three years.”

At that, Diana’s grip on the spoon tightened until her knuckles turned white from the force.
Nonetheless, she remained in the kitchen and did as she was ordered to without saying a word.

If her silence would make him less critical of her and lessen his attention on her, she would continue
what she was doing. The less time she spent with him, the safer her babies would be.

No matter what he ordered her to do, she would do it willingly.

As these thoughts raced in her mind, the sandwich in her hand took shape. After a few days of
practice, she had become more proficient in making them.

When it was brought to the table, even Kayla was surprised. “Diana’s cooking has improved.”

She turned to see Diana in a maid’s outfit. She couldn’t help the contempt from leaking into her voice
and she said snidely, “And that outfit…suits you.”

Was Julian really treating Diana as a nanny? What man from a decent family would force their wife to
dress in such a humiliating way?

Kayla began to doubt whether what Diana had said last night about Julian not wanting to divorce her
was true. The contempt and pride in her eyes were so potent, they were impossible to conceal.

Julian glanced at Kayla when he heard her words. Realizing this, she quickly smoothed her expression
into something kinder. She handed Julian a sandwich, saying sweetly, “Here, Julian.”

Julian turned away after taking it. “Thank you.”

He took a bite and commented coldly, “Barely passable.”

He ate two of the sandwiches despite that, even though he typically didn’t eat that much for breakfast.
Somehow, knowing that Diana made breakfast gave him the appetite to eat.

Diana, on the other hand, had made herself a high–protein breakfast and relished the private time she
had to eat alone in the kitchen. In here, she didn’t need to have her guard up against Julian or deal with

Kayla’s fakeness. Her meal was so relaxing!

Because of that, she ended up eating too much.

The good thing was, she was required to clean up after breakfast; which meant she had time to digest
her meal. To not affect her babies too much, she worked slowly. After moving around a little, she felt
her stomach ache.

It seemed she really did have too much for breakfast.

Diana took a short breather. Looking up, she noticed that the chrysanthemum flowers outside were in
full bloom. She pondered for a moment before deciding to put down her cleaning tools, and then
walked slowly to the garden.

She thought of picking the chrysanthemums and putting some in each room of the villa. It would look
good, and walking would help her digest her food faster.

When Kayla saw the chrysanthemums in her room, the first thing she did was to throw them out.

“What’s all this rubbish? I don’t need cheap stuff in my room!”

These flowers could be found everywhere in the garden!

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